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Kool Running Article

Good luck to all who are doing the Western States 100 this weekend!

Weather forcast is for 105 degrees on Sunday--scorcher.

Double Workout: (Almost) Triple Digits

Haven’t had a double workout day in a long time but I punched one out Tuesday.

Got up at 5 and got dressed for my 4 mile fartlek workout (I still snicker at the word fartlek—it’s those Swedes again). I was supposed to leave around 5:15 but I logged online and got sucked into the Jon&Kate+8 vortex –started reading E-online updates on their sucky marriage and suckier divorce.

Anyway, suddenly it was 5:30! Cripes! I headed out with my new IPOD Depeche Mode / Duran Duran playlist.

I felt pretty good at first. The workout was 4 miles with 8-10 30second pickups. First two or three pickups were pretty easy. Later , the 30seconds whittled down to 10 or 15 seconds. But I finished.

Tuesday night I swam in the lake for an hour. There was a group there and I was lucky enough to join them. Fun. We did sighting, drafting and drills. At the end I tried to really concentrate on lengthening my stroke and GLIDING.. guess what? I was freakin’ passing people!!!! I have to remember that tactic—GLIDE—…

Trail Run Du Jour

Sunday I participated in the first trail run with my trail run group (natch) at 8 a.m. Tim Twietmeyer showed about 5 minutes before. He said we were to go on a 'short' run (ha!) of 6 miles with 'no real hills --just a few rollers.' (HA! again.)

I was exceptionally nervous because, A) I have not been running as much as I should and B) from the looks of everyone else, they HAD been running as much as they should.

In any case, we started off--I positioned myself in the back of the pack so I would not get trampled or shoved into poison oak.

The first couple of hills were fine. No biggie--and at the end of the hill we were blessed with the sight of a beautiful clear Folsom Lake--the sun was reflecting off the surface and the wind was blowing. It really was stunning. I wish I had brought my camera to take pictures. I stopped to look at the serenity of it for about 10 seconds.

Then we turned left away from the lake and went up a 12% grade hill.

The remaining trail run was LOTS …

From the Weird Files

From the Weird Files

A Swedish company has invented, what I think, is a product designed to bring about the apocalypse.

Cheeseburger in a Can.

I’m not kidding.

Designed for backpackers and campers, Cheeseburger in a Can simply requires heating in water for a few minutes. Pop the lid and Voila – instant burger.

I don’t eat cheeseburgers – I haven’t since 1995. But when I did eat them, I can tell you, I would never ever ever eat one that was stored in a can. Especially one from Sweden—don’t they eat Surstr√∂mming & Lutefisk?? (Please don’t send me any email about my anti-Swede sentiment—I married a Swede and sport a nifty Swedish last name. Ha--gotta love globalization!)

In any case, I think even the ham-burgler would not eat this.

On the training front, I had my info session with Tim Twietmeyer for the trail running class on Wednesday night. AWESOME! I am very very excited to start on Sunday. The most interesting thing??? After we run, we will all do the “tick-check” on each other. …

And I ran..I ran so far away...

Forgive the flock of seagulls title. I can't help it.
I feel so damn good.

I got up this morning and RAN!
At 5:05 a.m. my alarm clock clicked on. Puff Daddy was singing something about Biggie Smalls.

I hit snooze and rolled over.
3 minutes later my eyes opened and I decided to get up and go running!

Coffee-- yum!
Dressed--pink shirt, black running skirt, Nike Triax.

Did the old 3 mile loop in 33 minutes--that includes 2 minutes of stretching calves and 1 minute of talking to a fellow runner.

It was awesome! I can't wait for trail running on Sunday.

Oh--being so inspired by my run, I registered for CIM today!

"Cause She's A Brick. House."

Did a brick this weekend. 12 mile ride and 2 mile run.

I decided to leave my IPOD at home.

My usual 12 mile loop took me 50 minutes. It was pretty cool watching all the people outside running and biking and walking their dogs.

I am very afraid of going downhill fast so I have been working on that with each 12 mile ride. I managed to hit 25 miles per hour going down hill and I did not hit my brakes at all the whole time! Quite the accomplishment.
I hammered through a yellow light and only had to stop at one light on my way back home.

Switched into running shoes and shorts and grabbed RR#2 and said, "lets go run."

She came with me, but she really wasn't up for the task. So we only did 2 miles and it took us 24 minutes. RR#2 stopped 4 times to walk and I stopped with her. I try to push her a little bit to keep her motivated, but I don't want to make her HATE running.

So overall--
BIKE 50m 26s
11.64 miles 13.85 Mi/hr
10:30 AM To Barton Road and Back
Climb: 584 feet

RUN 2…

10 Miscellaneous Things about me

10 miscellaneous things about me:
1. I do not drink or eat anything made with dairy.
2. My dad died when I was 24 years old.
3. I live in the same town I went to high school in.
4. I love all runs once I hit the 3 mile mark; before I hit the 3 mile mark I always struggle a lot.
5. I would never smoke a cigarette ever.
6. I had my wisdom teeth taken out without being put under.
7. I had braces in college.
8. Everyone used to think my younger brother and I were twins.
9. I work in the same building as my mom and my husband—but we all drive separately.
10. I always sneeze for 5 minutes after I swim.

I just signed up for Fleet Feet’s California International Marathon training class! Because I am already in the trail running class, I get a little discount.

This year is the year I conquer that marathon!

So far for 2009-2010 I have

Buffalo Stampede
Cowtown half marathon
Four Bridges half marathon
Auburn Half Iron Triathlon (2010)
XTERRA Tahoe Triathlon (2010)
Vineman 70.3 (2010)


St. George Ironman (201…

Groove is in the Heart

This weekend was pretty good. Lots of family from out of town.
Lots of margaritas
lots of food

Oh, and I ran 3 miles with my mom on a newly discovered bike trail in my area.

It was really good. I admit--I DID NOT WANT TO GO saturday morning but she basically guilted me into it.. "Oh, ok. well if you don't want to spend time with your mom, don't worry. I did give birth to you and all.."

So I went.

I had a great time. It was a nice little trail--very quiet. No other runners or bikers. Just a few old people walking their dogs.

I did nada on Sunday--had husband's family over for food and drinks and laughs. Anyone see a "Christmas vacation" with Chevy Chase? Most of his family is like Clark's brother-in-law. White shoes and plaid pants. I have to drink a lot just to stop laughing at them.

Only a week until the trail running class starts. I am very excited. I need a goal--now that school is DONE I need something to strive for every day. I think running and …

So you thought I wasn't working out...& randomness

I have been working out.

A lot.

For "May is Bike Month" I logged 170 miles.
I have not managed to get up at 4:30 a.m. to run--yet. But I am running after work in the 90+ degree heat. Only 2-3 times per week and SLOW --but I am doing it.

I also started Jillian Michael's "No More Trouble Zones".


It is really hard. I don't even use the hand weights since I don't have any but it is kicking my butt. The best part??? I have noticed my CORE getting tighter and tighter (under the layer of muffin top blubber). At one point my abs/core was so sore, I had to ask hubby to roll me over so I could get out of bed!

The only thing lagging is swimming. I have only swam twice in the last month. I am really trying to work on getting motivated for that sport. I recently found out that there is a VERY local master's swim group at 4:45 a.m. tuesday, wednesday and thursday. I have to get to that. They average about 2000 per practice. Ouch!

I am contemplating the tr…