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Finally a 20 miler with turkeys & I rickrolled myself.

Last weekend's 20 miler was scraped because of my mountainbike accident. The pain was so annoying I just couldn't focus enough to get moving. I should have read SUAR's article on moving our asses when we really don't want to do anything. So after last weeks' "I'm in too much pain to fckn' run!" poutiness, I put all excuses aside and did my twenty miles Sunday.

I was running late (as usual); alarm went off too early, I was too sleepy to get up. Yada Yada. Finally at 7 I rolled out of bed -- the "dark and stormy" I had drunk the night before at a halloween party seemed to linger into the morning. In any case I had coffee, made a homemade eggmuffin, pitstop and then off to park at Gold River access point to the bike trail. When driving over, I felt a little rumble in my tummy. "uh oh" I thought.. The best was yet to come.

I started off on my run and within 1 mile I had to go potty. The 6 carrots I juiced the night before suddenl…

bad blogger bad blogger

Ok, i've been a bad blogger. No Excuses--especially since I was tagged by Beth at Tri-Girl Training Plan to provide 7 random facts about me.

Here are some random facts:

I like to sleep on my left side.
I am an AM coffee fiend. Just sugar please.
I have paid off all of my student loans, thank you very much.
I crashed on my mountainbike last week and got hurt pretty bad. Let's just say I look a little like OJ Simpson's girl friend. X-ray showed no broken bones but my wrist and knee were pretty tweaked. No more mountain biking, road biking or trail running in the immediate future. I can't risk another fall--and unfortunately, I am fairly clumsy.
CIM is looking good. I don't want to jinx myself but I am fairly happy with my long runs to date. This weekend, 20 miles.
I LOVE Love love WonderWoman stuff.
I subscribe to Trail Runner, Triathlete, Inside Triathlon, Runner's World, Vogue, Bicycling, and W magazine. I enjoy reading them while sipping on some wine.
I've …

Fauja Singh / The National News October 17, 2011


This is awesome!!

Just in case you didn't hear, over the weekend, 100 year old Fauja Singh ran the toronto marathon, and in doing so set a world record. Fauja didn't start running until his 80s and has raised thousands of dollars for children's charities while running marathons. Congrats FAUJA SINGH!!!

Things I shouldn't say...but

I'm a big mouth. Ok, I amend that... I say things without thinking them through sometimes. I can easily turn a budding friendship into something that is a bit awkward. I can't help it. Trust me i've tried and tried to censor myself but to no avail. There are people who love me anyway--people who know that I truly mean no harm but sometimes lack tact. There are so many things I censor and thus don't post here on trikarentri but i've decided to let loose.

I hate the people who just moved out next door to me. They were meth addicts (and I suspect from the weird nighttime traffic to their house) dealers as well. They were jerks who ruined my ability to sit outside and enjoy a beer or a glass of wine. I'm GLAD they moved to Wyoming. Yes I said "hate" and I stand by use of that word. Oh, and they were horders too.
I have HORRIBLE mood swings due to hormones. They are getting worse. All chemical interventions (i.e. BCP) have failed. Husband is upset wit…

Urban Cow 2011 WTF?

Last year I finished Urban Cow halfmarathon in 1:55. I haven't been training very consistently so I was sure I would be slower this year; but I was secretly hoping for a 1:53. Crazy!

Someone stole my headphones while I was in the porta-potty so NO music during the race.

IT Bands flared at mile 4.

Passed by a 60 year old woman at mile 2.

Looked longingly into the medical tent at mile 5 and wondered if they could give me a ride back to the start.

Kept plugging along and figured I might as well just finish the race.

At mile 10 I honestly thought "I HATE RUNNING AND I NEVER WANT TO DO THIS AGAIN."

Got to the finish line and was very proud of myself.

Ran into someone I knew 20 years ago (!) at the finish area. We exchanged contact information.

2:08 finish time this year. 13 minutes slower than last year so basically 1 min/mile slower. That's ok though.

So here's my dilemma: Of the 4 half marathon races in the Sacramento area, I have done 2 of them 3 times. (Urban Cow