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My first half ironman

Warning !!! Long Post full of bad words.
I wanted to write a piece that would adequately portray the myriad emotions I felt before, during, and after my first half ironman. I'm not sure if have succeeded, but I did my best.

Unlike prior races, I didn’t sleep through my alarm (small victories). Got up had coffee, got dressed, etc. Car was already packed with my stuff the night before so I simply filled water bottles, made toast etc and headed out at 5:20 a.m.

I made it to the start and parked my car at 6:15. Transition was open but race bib pick up wouldn’t’ start until 6:30 so I gathered my stuff together and staked my claim on a rack for Sac Tri Club. Drank a bottle of water and got body marked. At 6:30 I walked to the line at the registration tables (YES PEOPLE WERE REGISTERING THE SAME MORNING) and checked in. I received a race number for my shirt (or on a race belt), a number to put on my bike, a water bottle, and a shirt. Volunteers explained that I would get my “finisher s…

Half Ironman #1 – DONE!

I will post a detailed race report later this week but here are some quick stats of what was a brutal day:

Swim 1.2 miles: 50 min
T1: 3:20
Bike 56 miles: 3:55
T2: 1:20
Run 13.1 mile: 2:46

Final time (official but no chip timing): 7 hours 41 minutes.

Time on my Garmin: 7 hours 37 minutes

Can You Hear Me Now?

Happy thursday!