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Holy Busy Tri Season!!!

Superbowl 10K run Feb 7
Shamrockn' Half Marathon March 14
TBF XTERRA March 28 (possibly--perfect fit into training plan)
Party Pardee Metric Century (Waitlisted) April 3
Wildflower Century April 25
The Parkway Half Marathon May 1
Auburn Half Ironman May 23
Sierra Century June 5
Xterra Tahoe City June 26 (I have to do this one--in memory of my pops!)
Vineman 70.3 (Waitlisted) July 11
Marin Century Aug 7
Napa Century Aug 16
TBF Half Ironman(HIT)III Sept 11

Landis wins Bahamas time trial--But Rock Racing future unclear

By: Cycling NewsPublished: January 26, 10:29, Updated: January 26, 15:43
Floyd Landis tries to break away in the final kilometres

Floyd Landis won the time trial in the three-stage Tour of Bahamas this week-end. The former OUCH-Maxxis rider reportedly beat the course record set by David Zabriskie in 2008. Landis rode the race wearing Rock Racing kit, even though it is not known whether the American team will actually continue to exist this season.

"All that drinking is starting to pay off," Landis wrote in an e-mail, according to "I beat the course record set by Zman [David Zabriskie] two years ago and I was on somebody else's road bike with clinchers and no aero clothes. Take that f@*#ers."

Several videos of Landis at the Tour of the Bahamas show the 34-year-old wearing a Rock Racing outfit. "I told them (Rock Racing) that I wanted to do that race so they sent me a kit," Landis said.

But even Landis himself wasn't sure whether or not …

Burn OUT

Sometimes I wonder WHY I'm doing all this training?

Is it for a sense of accomplishment?
To fight boredom?
Run away from problems?

Not really sure--I mean, why do anything but sit on my butt and eat fatty food and watch "Big Love" on HBO?

(Can you tell I'm cranky)?

Workout pics and Other Nonsense

It's always cool when you can run to another town.

This is a better shot of the sign. When I took this picture i was trying NOT to look like I was taking a picture. I didn't want all the cars whizzing by to see me standing in front of a sign taking a picture of myself.

On the trainer.

My Sidi TRI Shoes. These things cost so much money and I never ever wear them. Yes they are WHITE. In biking circles, apparently, that is some sort of signal that you are super super fast. I wish I had known that before I bought them cause now I'm scared to ride outside with them.

My trainer set up. Bike, Fan, Laptop loaded with Spinervals DVD.

This week is a recovery week in my training. I am quite happy about that. I was beat after the 45 mile bike on saturday and the 8 mile run / 2100 yard swim on sunday.
I need to pull my mountain bike out and hit some trails but just don't have (a) TIME or (b) ENERGY just yet. My workouts are so far are:

Monday ---Rest
Tuesday ---Bike (power intervals)

Thursday's Three Things

Had an interesting week. Got up at 4:25 a.m. and hit the pool for laps 3X this week. Three funny things happened:

1. A guy asked me how I got to be such a good swimmer and asked ME for swimming advice.

2. Another guy asked me if I had seen him on the internet. When I cautiously answered, "Nnnooooo", he replied, "Ok Bud" and turned around and left.

3. A third guy walked around and around and around the pool careful to only step on the white drainboard while humming the theme for "Mission Impossible"

Below is an interesting graph of my workouts since May 2009. I definately need to increase my swim and bike and probably decrease my run a little. What do you think?

Three Things Thursday

1. Running Group was AWESOME!! I hate speed/track work, but with a group it was really fun and easier. We warmed up with a 2 mile run; did some drills (i.e. butt kicks, high knees, etc); did 1 mile of strides; then 2 mile run cool down. Someone told me that with this group, they improved their marathon time from 4:50 to 4:20. Holy SH!T!

2.I have been looking into the P90X system, but there have been so many bad reviews on that i'm a little scared to plunk down $100+ if the darn things don't work. Anyone have good experiences purchasing from Beachbody or Amazon?

3.Running Group schedule is a lot more intense than my Matt Fitzgerald schedule. Not sure if I should bring pick a different Tri Schedule with more running or if I should only do the run workouts that correspond to my tri schedule. Hmmm... decisions decisions.

Suffer Well with Suffer-o-Rama

After work last night I rushed to the grocery store to pick up a few things for dinner. I ran smack dab into RR#2 who had cut track practice in order to hang out with her ugly BF. How happy was I?

After disconnecting her cell phone and lecturing her(unsuccessfully)on the evils of teenage boys, I made dinner, quickly ate, and then jumped on the bike trainer to do my 1 hour 5 min of intervals. I was slated to do 7X20 second spinups with 2 min rest between with a warm up and cool down but I decided to warm up on my own for 10 min then pop in the Suffer-O-Rama Spinervals DVD.


First off, it was a great DVD—I enjoyed it much more than “No Slackers Allowed.” There was a pool of sweat and water on the floor under my bike. The intervals are definitely hard—but the rest periods are great. I kept thinking halfway through a rest period, “there is no way I can keep going.”…

Twenty Ten kick-off with a Bang!

2010 started off with a BANG--migraine. I stayed up late new years' eve ( I barely made it to midnight) and then hit the sack. At 3 a.m. migraine hit and I got up and took my scrip and hobbled back to bed. Woke up at 10 a.m. I never sleep in that late. I had the RESOLUTION Run at 1pm in Auburn so I got up and got moving.

Resolution run 5k was awesome.. 1.2 miles straight down hill. Then last 2 miles up muddy trails. I managed the downhill well. On my way uphill, I tripped on a granite rock and BAM! hit the ground hard. My left leg, left shoulder were scraped and my right hand (which I put out to brace myself) landed on a granite boulder so was sore. But most importantly, my garmin was scatched! Embarrased by the chorus of, "Oh my god are you ok??" by everyone around me, I got up and finished the run. The last 2 miles was completely up hill. Overall my resolution run time was 40 minutes for a 5k but I managed to get 6th place (out of 20) in my age group!

When I got home …