Workout pics and Other Nonsense

It's always cool when you can run to another town.

This is a better shot of the sign. When I took this picture i was trying NOT to look like I was taking a picture. I didn't want all the cars whizzing by to see me standing in front of a sign taking a picture of myself.

On the trainer.

My Sidi TRI Shoes. These things cost so much money and I never ever wear them. Yes they are WHITE. In biking circles, apparently, that is some sort of signal that you are super super fast. I wish I had known that before I bought them cause now I'm scared to ride outside with them.

My trainer set up. Bike, Fan, Laptop loaded with Spinervals DVD.

This week is a recovery week in my training. I am quite happy about that. I was beat after the 45 mile bike on saturday and the 8 mile run / 2100 yard swim on sunday.
I need to pull my mountain bike out and hit some trails but just don't have (a) TIME or (b) ENERGY just yet. My workouts are so far are:

Monday ---Rest
Tuesday ---Bike (power intervals)
Wednesday -- Swim (a.m.)/ Run (intervals--p.m.)
Thursday-- Bike (foundation)
Friday -- Swim (a.m.)/Run (foundation--p.m.)
Saturday -- Bike long
Sunday --Run (a.m. LONG)/ Swim (p.m. LONG)

Not really sure where I could fit in a mtn bike ride a couple times a week. I suppose I could ride my road bike on Tues/Thurs mornings and then do the mtn. bike on Tues/Thurs after work but that seems like a bit much to me. I have two xterra races this year--this one and this one--so I gotta get on the MTN. BIKE.

Speaking of which, hubby who has been waiting (NOT VERY PATIENTLY) for his new mtn. bike got it last week.

Apparently, I've been replaced.

Happy week everyone!


  1. Haha, good to know about the white shoes - I will have to tell my husband since his are white. :)

    Great workouts - I just got a trainer for my birthday and I am super excited to set it up.

    Funny pick of your husband.

  2. Nice shoes! I bought the exact pair this winter too! I agree, they are very white and am afraid of getting anything on them. So far, so good tho.


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