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Weird but True

Weird but True

Hold your breaths. Wait…Wait for it…

I am getting faster.

Yup! Faster.

Every week trail run group meets and runs 5 miles. The same 5 mile out-n-back route.

First week with the group it took me 65 minutes.
Second week: 56:48
Third week: 54:01
Yesterday: 51:02

I passed people running yesterday. I passed them at the END of the run. I felt so strong and awesome! People even commented to me after the run, “dang you were fast today!” Last two miles yesterday were 9:37 and 9:08! Wow.


Ok, back to work for me!

Nathan Intensity Hydration Race Vest Review

New Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest
As promised –the new Nathan Intensity Hydration Vest review.

This pack is awesome. It works exceptionally well for my long trail runs where I am out for over an hour and there is no water source.

The Intensity is the women’s specific hydration race vest. Specifically, it is designed for a shorter torso—perfect for me. The vest is made of some exceptionally soft ultra space age material. I think I could get away with wearing this pack without any shirt—only a bra top—and be fine.

The pack has two main compartments. The first compartment holds the 2 Liter water bladder—the bladder is held in place wit a couple of clips. The second compartment is smaller and will hold a small jacket or some arm warmers. I usually put my keys in the smaller compartment.

The front of the water pack has two smaller holders. One is zippered—this one I use to hold my TP and plastic bags, just in case of runner’s trots. (This is a very handy thing to have it in the front of th…

Tidbits & Progress Made

Now that I have the garmin whining out of the way, I can tell you that it has almost miraculously started working really well. Only one part of it doesn’t work (training center) but I realize I have an older version of it on my computer so that should be fixed soon too.

AnyHOO, I just looked back at some of my recent 5 mile trail runs—since I got my garmin, I have done a particular 5-mile trail run 3 times. The times are as follows:

#1 Run 1 hour 5 minutes
#2 Run 56 minutes 21 seconds
#3 Run 52 minutes 1 second

Is Garmin making me faster or WHAT? HA!

This weekend my trail group will be running 10 miles on Quarry Road. Fred and Wilma and Barney and Betty will be out there.

Signed up for the 10 mile trail run, Blood, Sweat and Beers.
I’m scared.
I’m scared that they might run out of beer before I finish.

I found a new love—early morning bike rides. Rode Wednesday AM at 5:15 to 6:15. It was quiet and peaceful, roads were sans cars, & the air was clean. AWESOME! I’ll be doing it a…

Posting Dread

I have really dreaded writing this post.
Not because I have writers’ block, but because I really wanted to like the Garmin 310xt.

I really REALLY want to like it.
But I can’t. It is too frustrating for my short fuse.

So here goes:

• Small on the wrist
• Snazzy orange color
• Moves through the screens quickly
• Very very accurate GPS (I was expecting it not to be, but it is very accurate)
• The functions sound great—and would be very useful… BUT

• It took two hours on the phone with Garmin to get the ANT+ and garmin connect to work properly on my computer.
• Then it still didn’t work
• ANT+ stick doesn’t always recognize my garmin
• Garmin charger is flakey and won’t charge my Garmin. There is supposed to be a fix for this on their website but I can’t find it. But the worst part is…

• Garmin turns off and on by itself when charging (that is when it actually agrees to charge)
• Garmin has spontaneously erased several of my workouts only to load workouts that I never did. For…

Garmin 310 Review

Coming soon...

Garmin 310 REVIEW



Not much to say today.
It has been HOT HOT HOT here.

Saturday 105
Sunday 112
Monday 103
Tuesday 103
Wednesday 97

Running in such extreme temps has sapped every bit of energy and charm from me.
Last night's five miler felt like a 100 miler.

I did just switch shoes for trail running. My ol' Mizunos were giving me blisters, so I exchanged them at Fleet Feet for a new pair of Asic 2140 trail shoes (PINK!)

In any case, I just got a call from Fleet Feet.
My new Garmin 310XT will be available for pickup on Monday July 6th!!!