Not much to say today.
It has been HOT HOT HOT here.

Saturday 105
Sunday 112
Monday 103
Tuesday 103
Wednesday 97

Running in such extreme temps has sapped every bit of energy and charm from me.
Last night's five miler felt like a 100 miler.

I did just switch shoes for trail running. My ol' Mizunos were giving me blisters, so I exchanged them at Fleet Feet for a new pair of Asic 2140 trail shoes (PINK!)

In any case, I just got a call from Fleet Feet.
My new Garmin 310XT will be available for pickup on Monday July 6th!!!


  1. Sorry about the hot, hot, heat! I'm insanely jealous of your garmin 310xt. You lucky dawg!

  2. Man, you are really hard core to be running in such heat! I might be convinced to run in it if I was getting a new cool toy too, though ;-)


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