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Oh No YOU DIDN'T...!!!

Oh, yes I did.

I did something I haven't done in years.

I scheduled two weeks off of work.

Thats right--I'm on (drumroll please) Vacation!

No getting up for work
No crappy commute
No foot pain from high heels
No pretending to laugh at others' dumb jokes
No deadlines
No emails
No phone calls

Nothing but bliss.

I finished all my xmas shopping already. All I have to do is wrap everything and put it under the tree.

Yesterday, I splurged and had a full spa-day. Saltscrub, seaweed wrap, massage, facial, manicure, pedicure. The whole works.

My favorite was the saltscrub and seaweed wrap with the vichy shower.
My least favorite was the facial. Just somethng about having someone touching my face with stuff I can't see is, well, strange.

But it was all good. I didn't opt for the christmas colored paint on my toes or fingers. No, in homage to the constant rain here in northern california, all my nails are BLUE.

Blue also covers up my black toenails really well.

I haven't run recently …

"NEW" for 2011

Boy what a crazy couple of weeks! I was so happy to finish CIM that I haven’t done any running since. My days have been filled with work, work, oh, and work. Plus holiday shopping, etc has kept me from running. Hopefully, this weekend will be different and I can get a few miles in.

However, as usual, I have started planning 2011. Does anyone else do this? I’m an incessant planner. I also try to pick a “theme” for the year. Last year, I had a goal to get a second finishers’ medal for every half marathon I’ve already done and I did it! Shamrockn’ half marathon, American River Parkway half marathon, and Cowtown half marathon medals all have mates on my medal rack. In 2011 my theme is “new”. I will do races/rides that I have never done before. For 2011 I have the following races

Resolution Run (Jan 1)
Cool Trail Runs (Feb 12)
Way too Cool 50k (March 12) (Didn’t get in)
Coyote Hills Half Marathon (March 19)
San Francisco Marathon (July 31)
Run on the Sly (August 21)

Ok, I am technically breaking …

CIM is the best race ever...

Second: Chip time was 4:37
Third: Garmin time (excludes porta-potty stops) was 4:32.
Fourth: Weather was a perfect 53 degrees at the start. No rain.

After so many years of trying to get to CIM, I finally crossed both the start line and the finish line. I am still floored that I actually finished.

I don't know that I can provide many details of the race since it is all a big blur. I did see TONS of friends and acquaintances along the route who were cheering and that made a big difference. Thank you! Hubby and both RugRats also positioned themselves at key areas and cheered for me..My brother (brother J) even drove in from SF and took video of me making the final turn toward the finish line.

After getting home and showering (hubby said I smelled so bad he had to roll down the windows--Thanks!) I was famished. Since it was also Hubby's birthday on CIM day, and he had spend the whole first half of his day doing something for me, he bugged off the lunch and wen…

Facebook Failbook: Wednesday Funnies

Since i'm tapering for CIM this week, i've had time to peruse the internet for funny stuff in the evenings. Below are some of the funniest things I have found on failblog. The more clean stuff is first.. a couple of gross ones are at the bottom.


And now for some gross/risque/filthy ones...

The best one!!

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