"NEW" for 2011

Boy what a crazy couple of weeks! I was so happy to finish CIM that I haven’t done any running since. My days have been filled with work, work, oh, and work. Plus holiday shopping, etc has kept me from running. Hopefully, this weekend will be different and I can get a few miles in.

However, as usual, I have started planning 2011. Does anyone else do this? I’m an incessant planner. I also try to pick a “theme” for the year. Last year, I had a goal to get a second finishers’ medal for every half marathon I’ve already done and I did it! Shamrockn’ half marathon, American River Parkway half marathon, and Cowtown half marathon medals all have mates on my medal rack. In 2011 my theme is “new”. I will do races/rides that I have never done before. For 2011 I have the following races

Resolution Run (Jan 1)
Cool Trail Runs (Feb 12)
Way too Cool 50k (March 12) (Didn’t get in)
Coyote Hills Half Marathon (March 19)
San Francisco Marathon (July 31)
Run on the Sly (August 21)

Ok, I am technically breaking my “new” rule with Jan 1 Resolution Run since I did the same race last year. However, RugRat #2 BEGGED me to do it with her, and I can’t say no to the pleading eyes.

All the others are new for me. You’ll notice there are no triathlons on the list. I haven’t yet figured that part out. I would like to do the Auburn Half Ironman on May 22 (I switched to the sprint distance last year because of severe illness—so technically it is a different race ) but it is fairly pricey. Vineman Half Ironman on July 17th also has me waitlisted—I am WAY LOW on the waitlist so I am not sure if I will even get in. Lastly, Wildflower century on May 1st in Chico is something I’ve always wanted to complete and never got a chance to do. I want to convince a couple of friends to go with me so that we can at least try to be social while we ride and on the drive there and back.

Also notably absent are road races other than the SF Marathon. There is a lot of trail races near my home and I’ll be focusing more on those this year which means that my chances of a PR are slim to none. I am not sure what to feel about this. I LOVED getting so many PRs this year and since I’m in my late 30’s my chances of achieving MORE PRs are decreasing. Maybe I should try to get as many PRs as I can. If I go that route, I will add a couple of half marathons and 10ks to my list above; that will necessitate an amended “theme” from “new” to “New & PR worthy.”

I just realized, I never posted any pics from the Marin Century I did way back in August. Here are some. I’m not vain, but I have to admit I think I look pretty badass in some of the pictures—especially when all the guys riding in proximity are wearing jackets and armwarmers and I am in a short sleeve jersey and shorts without knee warmers. Men are such wimps.


  1. 1)come do the Wildflower~ Maybe we can meet up for dinner or something! I'm not a cyclist so I won't ride along with you but I'd love to see you.

    2)Where is the Cool Trail Runs? How far and is there a web site?

    3) I bet we were running beside each other at some point... thats kinda cool although I would have rather be able to chat with you. Someday we'll meet in person!

  2. Hi Tina-- I am leaning towards wildflower.. I'm sure i'll see you there.

    Cool trail runs website is http://www.ultrarunner.net/raceseries/cool_trail.html

    Hope we meet soon!

  3. So... This cool trail run in February... are you leaning towards the 25k? Where are you staying... I guess I should just email you hu? LOL


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