Oh No YOU DIDN'T...!!!

Oh, yes I did.

I did something I haven't done in years.

I scheduled two weeks off of work.

Thats right--I'm on (drumroll please) Vacation!

No getting up for work
No crappy commute
No foot pain from high heels
No pretending to laugh at others' dumb jokes
No deadlines
No emails
No phone calls

Nothing but bliss.

I finished all my xmas shopping already. All I have to do is wrap everything and put it under the tree.

Yesterday, I splurged and had a full spa-day. Saltscrub, seaweed wrap, massage, facial, manicure, pedicure. The whole works.

My favorite was the saltscrub and seaweed wrap with the vichy shower.
My least favorite was the facial. Just somethng about having someone touching my face with stuff I can't see is, well, strange.

But it was all good. I didn't opt for the christmas colored paint on my toes or fingers. No, in homage to the constant rain here in northern california, all my nails are BLUE.

Blue also covers up my black toenails really well.

I haven't run recently either. I know, I was supposed to run a few days ago, but I felt a bit run down and kept sneezing. Normally I would have forced myself out for a run--but with no major races approaching, I thought, "F-ck it" and drank lots of coffee and tea instead.

I might run today. There seems to be a break in the storms. But then again, maybe I won't.

Maybe I'll have a glass of wine tonight with dinner. For weeks before CIM I eliminated any alcohol with dinner. Now I can indulge a little. And a little more. It is the holidays after all.


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