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X-ercise Wii-Kend

Saturday morning I decided to do my first run in about 3 months. Initially I was going to do a 5 miler, but when I checked the 9 a.m. temp I realized it was almost 80degrees so I cut it to 3.2 miles.

I am so glad.

That run kicked my ass. 3.2 miles took 34:40. I purposely kept a slow pace, almost 11 minutes per mile. But it still really hurt. A lot.

I didn't look at the time or pace until I was done and I found that I ENJOYED my run. I liked watching the old people drinking their coffee on their porch and waving to me. I enjoyed seeing the funny dog trying to drink out of the gutter while his owner yelled, "Get back here!" It was nice to simply enjoy a run.

Sunday--Hit the bike trail on my bike for a 30 miler. Somehow, the day got away from me and it was 3pm before I got on my bike.

92 degrees.
Sore legs from Saturday's run.
Bike shorts a bit too big

You see where this is going, right?

I knew I was in trouble when my bike shorts kept sliding around my butt as I peddled.

Patience is a virtue....Sigh... & Cal Bears Rock

I ordered the Jillian Michael's DVDs and Tri Power book--but I'll have to wait a while. :(

When will your items arrive? Delivery estimate: May 28, 2009 - June 10, 2009

I did another bike ride yesterday. 12 miles. 53 minutes. I stopped twice to rest. I'm up to 24 miles for the month--Hurray! I'll do 30 on sunday so that will make it 54 this week!

Tomorrow is my first run in like forever. I'm planning on a 5-miler using the run/walk (walk/walk) method.

Oh, and I bought some kettlebells from some guy on Craigslist! I pick them up tomorrow morning. He was selling them for only $20!

I think my time away has really helped me to HUNGER for workouts now. I feel so enthusiastic about working out. Kinda cool.

On the academic front--as I mentioned, all paperwork has been filed, etc. etc.. I mentioned this to a research librarian at UC Berkeley. Vanessa (librarian) has been assisting me for years with digging up primary documents for my thesis. Anyway, I sent a "thank y…

Garmin 310XT...and other lustful items

To buy or not to buy.. That is the question.

I have the opportunity to request an amazing graduation present from my S.O. I was considering the new Garmin 310 XT. It is hot, sleek, sexy and tracks all data during swim, bike & run. And I am a total gadget whore. Show me a new and exciting gadget and I get all hot and bothered and I will offer you my first born.

Well it turns out that the new Garmin does NOT do everything. I asked the Fleet Feet uber-gadget god, Justin, whether or not it tracked distance or heart rate in the water. He said "yes it does both." The Garmin Rep I e-mailed at Garmin Headquarters said, "No, it only functions as a stopwatch in the water."


I called Justin back--"Garmin HQ said that it only tracks time in the water, no GPS or HR function. What do you think?"
Justin: "My Garmin Rep told me it does both during the swim."
Me: "Can you get a clarification from your rep? I don't want to spend $500 on something …

Surprise ! I actually exercised

I biked 12 miles yesterday! The loop from home I used to normally do in 42 minutes. Yesterday it took me 54 minutes. Oh, and there is a ton of saddle pain today. OUCH!

I'm going to try to pull off 150 miles this month. That doesn't sound like much but going from 0 to 150 in one month is hard for me.

Also--the big endeavor I am not pursuing is............... I am going to start training with a Trail Running group that is coached by Tim Twietmeyer. You know--the guy who won the Western States 100 about a million times! It starts in June and has a 'graduation race' called "Blood, Sweat, and Beers."

Ha! I can't wait to get started running again!

Oh--and tonight is first Open Water Swim Class. I'm taking the rugrat with me so she can try out her brand new wetsuit.

Details to follow!

New and Shiny and Fun

I'm on the cusp of doing some thing exciting and new.

Hopefully I'll have good news about my new adventure next Monday or Tuesday!

Have a great weekend!