X-ercise Wii-Kend

Saturday morning I decided to do my first run in about 3 months. Initially I was going to do a 5 miler, but when I checked the 9 a.m. temp I realized it was almost 80degrees so I cut it to 3.2 miles.

I am so glad.

That run kicked my ass. 3.2 miles took 34:40. I purposely kept a slow pace, almost 11 minutes per mile. But it still really hurt. A lot.

I didn't look at the time or pace until I was done and I found that I ENJOYED my run. I liked watching the old people drinking their coffee on their porch and waving to me. I enjoyed seeing the funny dog trying to drink out of the gutter while his owner yelled, "Get back here!" It was nice to simply enjoy a run.

Sunday--Hit the bike trail on my bike for a 30 miler. Somehow, the day got away from me and it was 3pm before I got on my bike.

92 degrees.
Sore legs from Saturday's run.
Bike shorts a bit too big

You see where this is going, right?

I knew I was in trouble when my bike shorts kept sliding around my butt as I peddled.

By mile 10 my butt was on fire from chaffing.
But I kept going, mostly because of prodding from my husband.

Reached the halfway point in 1:06. Rested for about 2 minutes. Got on my bike and started peddling.

My chain promptly fell off the front cog.
I promptly fell on the ground.

Got back up. put the chain back on. Wiped my (now greasy hands) on my shitty bike shorts.

Rode back.
The last 5 miles were the worst.

Arms hurt
Ass hurt
neck and shoulders hurt.

Ok so I am a whiner. As I stumbled off my bike at the end I muttered, "I am never riding this thing again" which illicited laughter from my husband.

95 degrees when we stopped at 5ish. Final time, 2:13 so almost an even split.

Rest day today. Then run Tuesday.


  1. Those are some temps that I wouldn't want to do a fast run or long bike in! Nice work.... My ass hurts just reading this post!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your run! Esp. in that heat. So many people I know get too caught up about their pace and (I think) lose their enjoyment of it when it's not as fast as they think it ought to be. They forget that heat slows you down!

    Bummer about the bike shorts chafing. But maybe that means you need to get new ones :-)


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