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I think it is time

I think that it may be time to become a full-time lurker and to abandon the blogger part of my life. Sad, but unfortunately, true.

Until further notice I'll be on semi-permanent hiatus.

Cool Trail Runs--NOT a PR

I opted to do the Cool Trail Runs 10k and not the 25k. I just didn't think I was ready for the longer distance. Friend M picked me up at 5:45 a.m. for the drive up to Cool. Chit-chatted on the way up and parked the car at 6:30 at the Cool Firehouse. I registered (no more t-shirts--BOO!). The 10k didn't start until 8 a.m. but the 50k, 21 mile, and 25k runners all started at 7 so we were able to watch them start.

By 7:50, I had my hydratino vest on and was at the starting line shivering--it couldn't have been warmer than 45 degrees with a fierce wind. The Cool Run was fairly casual--no "start line" to speak of--just a large clock and the race director counting down and saying, "GO!"

The run was stunning. Really really beautiful. The sun was glistening off of all the, uh, weeds and dirt. I got into a little groove with about 4 other women all around me. We were giving each other encouraging words, etc. One of the women had an IPOD clipped to her upper ar…

Superbowl 10k PR BABY!!!

Old 10k PR was 58:16 (2005)

Superbowl 10k was 54:44 HURRAY!

This was a great run--a lot more crowded than I thought it would be. I met some friends and we headed for the start line.

Not much to report on the run itself, but the after-race beer garden was a nice touch.

Cool Trail Runs is this weekend and I am still debating whether I should do the 10k or the 25k. Maybe I'll just toss a coin to figure it out.

My own personal Jeebus.

January Totals: Running 60.3 miles; mt bike 5; road bike 0, swim 0

That's how we get it done here in NorCal! Yes, that is sarcasm.

The weather here has been a real bummer. Not like, "we're buried under tons of snow and its -40 outside" type of bummer; but the relentless, rain, fog, no sunlight, dark when you go to work, dark when you get home from work, type of "bummer." I'm really feeling down. and irritated. So is the whole family. We've got a bit of cabin fever and find ourselves snapping at each other: "I said, 'KILL THAT MOSQUITO NOW!'"

Basically, we all have a perpetual case of "the Mondays." (Who can tell me what movie that's from?)

Such lousy attitudes have made getting up at the crack of dawn to run very, very, VERY difficult. I feel like i'm in hibernation mode--sleeping until spring seems a great way to get through the dark.

I had an email "come to jeebus" conversation with my run coach yesterday.…