My own personal Jeebus.

January Totals: Running 60.3 miles; mt bike 5; road bike 0, swim 0

That's how we get it done here in NorCal! Yes, that is sarcasm.

The weather here has been a real bummer. Not like, "we're buried under tons of snow and its -40 outside" type of bummer; but the relentless, rain, fog, no sunlight, dark when you go to work, dark when you get home from work, type of "bummer." I'm really feeling down. and irritated. So is the whole family. We've got a bit of cabin fever and find ourselves snapping at each other: "I said, 'KILL THAT MOSQUITO NOW!'"

Basically, we all have a perpetual case of "the Mondays." (Who can tell me what movie that's from?)

Such lousy attitudes have made getting up at the crack of dawn to run very, very, VERY difficult. I feel like i'm in hibernation mode--sleeping until spring seems a great way to get through the dark.

I had an email "come to jeebus" conversation with my run coach yesterday. He basically said that I wasn't going to do anything spectacular this year by averaging 15 miles a week running. Ouch. The double ouch is that I am sure he wanted to type, "get off your lazy ass and run" but he refrained so I wouldn't jump off the nearest bridge. So I vowed to get better. To run more consistently. To eat right and take my vitamins like a good little hulk-o-maniac.

Its nice having your own personal jeebus.

In order to motivate me, Jeebus gave me a time goal for my upcoming half marathon (Shamrockn)-- get this-- 1:55. Yeah, I laughed too. This upcoming weekend I have a Superbowl 10k. Based on that time, I'll get a better feel for the half marathon and if 1:55 is even possible. Jeebus thinks I can do it easily, so I'll take his faith in me as a good thing.


  1. Averaging 15 miles per week would be a miracle for me, but then again I'm not in training for anything.

    Good luck!


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