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Cute Baby Pictures

Just some cute pics of my cousin's baby... I thought I would share. Enjoy!

I've never done THAT before!

This weekend I did something I've NEVER done BEFORE..

I went to lake tahoe...
Just me and the husband. No kids. Hallelujah!! Stayed in a villa here.

I know --I know. I've lived within 2 hours of Tahoe my whole life and never been. Tahoe has an interesting mix of hippie vibe & gun toting motorcycle gangs.

Why did I go??? I went to celebrate my 39th birthday.
Exercise included lifting cocktails to my lips while lounging at the resort pool and spa-time.

Ate at a cute kitchy place called Freshies. GREAT tacos and beer.

I plan to be 39 at least 6 more times and hopefully will enjoy each 39th birthday more than the last one.

Racing Urban Cow Half Marathon this upcoming weekend.. I hope to manage a 1:53 but we will see.

When was the last time you did something you've NEVER done before??

Miner's Ravine Race Report

Sometimes I do weird things. For instance. This week my training schedule said run 10-12 miles on Sunday and run 7 on Saturday. But I know myself, I won't run both days unless I absolutely have to. So I signed up for the Miner's Ravine race on Sunday and ran 12 miles on saturday.

I told you . I'm weird/crazy/insane.

Saturday's 12 mile run was supposed to start at 7 a.m. I awoke at 8:30--groggy, sweaty and tired. I did NOT want to run and tried to rationalize skipping my long run. Then I remembered that the Urban Cow half marathon is in 2 weeks and I haven't yet done any long run longer than 8 miles. That got me moving.

At 10:20 I was out the door, Nathan Intensity Waterpack slung over my shoulder.

I would like to say that it was an easy run or that something super interesting happened, but neither of those are true. I ran. I covered the distance at a leisurely pace. I tried to stay in the shade to avoid the heat.

At 12:30 I finished the workout and was back home …

Is “mediocre” ever “Good Enough”?

This post has been rambling around in my head for a few weeks.. Looking over some of my race results this year –I am mortified. No big breakthroughs in speed. No great accomplishments in distance. Nothing exemplary to report. After reviewing my lackluster results, I started to think about other sports I like to do.

I enjoy mountain biking, but I really suck ass. I mean, I am awful. I walk down hills a lot, I fall always, I whine, I always want to stop and take a drink from my camelbak or eat some Shot Blocks.

Although I’ve been road biking longer than mountain biking, I might be even worse at that. My speed never gets better. I’m always a back of-the-pack person; so much so that I’ve stopped riding with other people because it is so humiliating. People who just started to ride 2 months ago are WAY faster than me. I used to blame it on a variety of things—my 650cc wheels;
my lanky body type (long legs/long levers/little power); my dad’s smoking as a kid screwed up my lungs; my mis…

What's new you ask??? Well let me tell you.

Running, etc have been going really well these days. I ran 4 times last week for a total of 25 miles. Some of the runs were difficult and one felt really great. I'm feeling ready to tackle the Miner's Ravine 10k in two weeks. RugRat#2 might also participate.

What have I been doing other than running? Well......

I did a little of this...

And I've been doing some of this...

Someone gave me six varieties of garlic to try out so I've been eating that almost every evening. I've therefore been doing quite a bit of this...

Oh and I'm considering purchasing these for no reason other than they look cool.