Saturday Recap

Did a beautiful trail run Saturday morning starting at the Nimbus Fish Hatchery.  Really hoped to eek out 10 miles but spent the night prior tossing and turning so I was feeling a bit sluggish as we got moving.  The air was so cold, that the warmer water created a mist above the river and the lake that was ethereal.

A couple of river otters appeared and started eating while watching us watch them.  Patrick had never seen a river otter.  Once we got our fill watching creatures watch us, we continued on our run.

The happy sunrise runners.. Me, Laurie and Patrick.

This run I've nicknamed the "hobbit run" because it is among lush green wild grass and trees, not unlike The Shire.  At about 3.5 miles though, I was suffering badly.  I didn't drink enough water and was generally just was feeling lousy.  Laurie and Patrick were happy to turn around and we headed back.  Got back to the cars in just under 2 hours with nearly 8 miles on my garmin.  I hope to run again tomorrow morning in the rain and then spend the day doing some christmas shopping.

What about you?  Is your christmas shopping all done?  Are you increasing your mileage or backing down now?


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