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beware: Kool Aid drinker here

I drank the kool aid.

I received the Merrill Pace Gloves as an early christmas present. I've walked around the house in them; ran through the house in them; ran through REI in them.

I'm scared.

I'm scared because they feel really really good on my feet.

Am I turning into one of them?

Those frog-feet, vibram wearers? I used to laugh at them. Ok, sometimes I still chuckle a bit. It just looks so funny. I read about the vibrams in an old Runner's World article written by Peter Sagal. I laughed as I read the article. I smirked at frog-footed people on the bike trail.

It just seemed so weird. So odd. So funny-looking.
I tried the darn vibrams a few times. My toes didn't fit right. And my bunion doesn't work in such tight un-adjustable shoes. I dismissed the whole "minimalist" shoe thing as a "fad". Afterall, if Vibrams didn't fit my feet how good could they be?

Then I read Krista's blog and I had a few friends run 50ks and 50 milers after tra…

Maui Zowie Wowie

Just returned from a week in Maui. My first time there. Awesome weather, wonderful time.

Highlights include:

My first time snorkeling
Mai Tais
80 degree humid weather
Sitting by the pool
Sitting by the ocean
umbrelled drinks by the pool
Dropping my cellphone into the ocean within 3 hours of landing

So now i'm in the market for a new phone. I haven't yet converted to a "smartphone". I'm still in "dumbfone" land. Not sure that I want a smartphone. And even if I were to get one, I don't know which one. Suggestions?

I'm back to cold, dry weather here in NorCal. I ran 1 whole mile while in Maui so I should probably get back on the horse, especially if I want to do the Resolution Run on January 1st.

I've decided to forgo a 50k for the time being. I feel that I need to get a few more marathons under my belt before I try for that goal.

After the Resolution Run, i'll do a couple of local halfs and then I'm deciding between the Modesto Marathon and t…

California International Marathon 2011 Race Recap

Weather: Cold Cold Cold.

I couldn't decide what to wear for days before hand. Rain? No rain. Cold? How cold? 31? 39? 40?

I read on that it was supposed to be 39 degrees at the start, heating up to 59 by 11 a.m. Too hot for long sleeves. Then local news weather said 30 degrees at the start only getting up to 45 by my finish time.

What to wear? I couldn't decide. Long sleeve. Short sleeve. Long sleeve. Short sleeve with arm warmers.

Finally I decided on race morning. Long sleeve with tank underneath. Hubby was to bring a short sleeve shirt/arm warmers with him just in case.

Pre race, Pre dawn pic. No that is not beer in the cup. It's my morning cup o' joe.

Turns out that I planned perfectly. It felt much colder than 39 at the start. Maybe 32 or so. And at about mile 3 or 4 it suddenly felt a lot colder. We went down a hill and the air WAS colder. I could feel it. And see it. I could see my breath suddenly as well as the breath of everyone else around …

CIM 2011-- A PR!!!

Quick recap--race report to follow.

Gun Time: 4:20
Chip Time: 4:17
Actual Running Time: 4:12.

Last year CIM Chip time was 4:37--

20 minute PR!!

I'm not a runner, am I?

I had a conversation with one of my running friends recently that was very enlightening. It started when a somewhat out of shape co-worker made a comment about me --that I am one of those , "Crazy runners"... I immediately told him, "no i'm not a runner." I reiterated this conversation with my running friends who said, "of course you are a runner!" To me, a REAL runner is someone else. When I first started back running, runners were:

People who raced.
People who ran 5ks
People who did 10ks (that was so far!)
People who ran half marathons!
People who finished a marathon
People who ran fast 5ks
People who did ultraraces.
People who ran FAST 10ks.
etc. etc.

You see where I am going. The bar keeps moving for me. I've raced; I've done 5ks, 10ks, half marathons, marathons, I've PRd at each of those distances later. But I still don't consider myself a runner which is completely rediculous. I am about to embark on my 3rd marathon within a year-- …