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Dirty Secret Trail Race Report

First an apology.  I was a dope and didn't take any pictures before, during or after the race.  I am not sure why. I simply forgot.  The excitement of participating in a race had me on edge a bit I think.
UPDATE:  pics now from website. 

I originally registered for the long course of the Dirty Secret Trail Race up in Cool, CA.  Long course is approx 11 miles.  After much soul searching, and basically some not so good training runs, I emailed the race director a few weeks ago and asked to drop down to the short course which is approximately 6 miles.  In no time at all,  I received confirmation that I was now registered for the short course.  Phew. That was a real relief.

My training has been pretty hit and miss the last few weeks.  I will have a good couple of weeks-- PT, weights, running, yoga, cycling.  And then something will come up-- work, family, zombie apocalypse-- and all goes to hell.  Its been a struggle to find balance between all the things I like to do and still try to…