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Seeds of Running

I wrote the following as a "guest poster" a few weeks ago for Bobbi's Zero to 26.2 blog --I really liked it so thought I might post it again..

I guess this post is a follow up to my post titled "Seeds of Triathlon". While my forays into triathlon had a distinctive Indian source, my introduction into running did not. Like many of you, I ran a bit as a kid here and there. I chased boys around the playground as a small child, although I was often hindered by the need to pull up my knee-high, strawberry shortcake socks.

I wasn't a particularly athletically gifted kid though. I sucked at dodgeball--I mean, really. Being the only brown kid, I guess I stuck out like a sore thumb and became an easy target.
The best thing any baseball, basketball or football teacher ever said to me in elementary school was, "Nice effort". I hated P.E. with a passion, mostly because of the awkwardness and embarrassment of always being chosen last or next to last.

Yeah, I …

What's New?

I am happy to announce that I am feeling much better! Not everything is resolved healthwise but MD believes they will be soon. With his 'green light' I started running again last week and managed 23 miles! First 3 runs of the week felt terrible--seemed to lose my breath after half mile, etc. By the fourth run, though I felt back to my old self-- a bit slower but at least not struggling.

Did 4 runs last week and 1 this week
2 bike rides (23 miles)
Did Shiva Rea's Creative Core and Lower Body Workout. Granted I am totally out of shape but this 30 minute DVD kicked my ASS!
Completed one "two-a-day" workout consisting of a noontime run and bike ride after work!
Today's training includes a short 'brick' workout: mountain bike ride (6-8 miles) and transition run (4 miles).
I feel VERY tired every morning so morning workouts haven't yet happened. As I continue to feel better, I hope that I can commence with those soon.
My weekly mileage goal fo…

life isn't always haa haa hee hee

Some of you may be wondering why my posts have been so boring lately; or why there hasn't been any 'running' posted.

As posted, I was very ill the week before SF Marathon. That illness hasn't really gone away, unfortunately. I feel ok but subsequent blood tests with doc show a concern. I've had 4 rounds of blood tests since August 2nd and things are not looking good. Next might be a CAT scan, possibly followed by biopsy.

Doc says I can run as long as I feel ok. Frankly I'm scared. I don't know why but RUNNING scares me --and that seems beyond rediculous. Every night I set out my stuff to run in the morning and every morning I wake up, turn off my alarm and roll over to sleep more.

Anyway, I hope maybe some good news might come my way from the ol' MD soon . To lift my spirits, I will be going to see Bill Maher live tonight in Sacramento. Maybe he has some MRI jokes or something.

You Never Can Tell

When the Rugrats were very young, hubby would sit down with them and read in the evenings before bed. One of their favorite books was called, "You Never Can Tell"--the lesson of the book was that seemingly bad things can turn out good--and conversely, good things can turn out bad. Here is how that book might play for me.

Moved to a po-dunk small town at age 14--ripped away from all my friends and everything I knew.

The Po-dunk town turned out to have a great highschool with wonderful teachers and academic counselors who pushed me to achieve.

Po-dunk town also exposed me to biggoted behavior by some of my classmates.

I learned to deal with this behavior in a constructive way. I tried to be the best at everything so that no one could criticize me.

Perfectionism has its limits as a coping mechanism.

Cross Country (and running in general) became another way to "work on my issues".

I got injured from running. A lot.

Knowledge and ability to perceive injuries and be i…

Guest Post!

As part of the Great Big Bloggy Post Exchange (GBBPX), I have a guest post from no other than Julie. Here's her great post below! My guest post is at Bobbi's blog zeroto26.2. Take a gander!

Hi, my name is Julie and I'm so excited to be guest blogging here on Karen's blog. You can find me blogging at where I spend a lot of time talking about my family, our adventures and the sport of triathlon. Whenever someone asks what my blog is about, I always come back to this interview I did with my daughter two years ago when she was five years old. Her simple love for self came shining through and I like to think that my blog is a full circle journey of my own life coming back to a simpler place, where if someone were to ask me if I like myself I could follow Mai's lead and say "Yes. Lots."

An interview with Mai (Age:5):

Julie: Hi Mai.
Mai: Hi Mama. You ready?

J: Ok, here we go. How old are you?
M: 5.

J: What&…

A bit of me and you...

Feeling a slight touch of post-marathon malaise. I haven't run since last sunday but not for the usual "I'm too sore". In fact, other than monday night my muscle soreness has been unusually mild. I am simply relishing relaxing these days.

Not sure about doing Run on the Sly 50k. I think I am well enough trained, but not sure if I want to run 32 miles in 100 degree weather. No matter what spin I put on it, I can't seem to find a bright side to running nearly a 1/3 of a century in blistering heat.

Instead, I may opt to do a local 50k in November since the Sacramento area in November is usually nice and cool. This does raise the potential for MUDDY trails but I think I would rather deal with mud than heatstroke.

I have family that lives in the following areas. If you ar from those areas, let me know! Leave me a comment. Surrey, BC; Vancouver, BC; Missouri; San Francisco, CA; Mesa, AZ; Tracy,CA; England; Punjab, India; Texas; Sacramento,CA; Rocklin, CA.

Still tryi…

My Story

I am getting more blogging mileage out of SF Marathon than I ever thought possible.
Here's a little story about my marathon day.

Started out feeling good

Uh, oh, starting to feel crappy!!!

Should I call for help???


I finished and got an awesome medal!!

Marathon Reactions

I've experienced some interesting reactions to my marathon the last few days. First let me premise it by saying, i'm not the type of person to say, "hey look at me look at me, I did a marathon!" In fact only 2 people at my work even know that I participated. Here are a couple of the responses:

Bagger boy at the grocery store. This little punk I asked to help me out to my car with the cart of groceries. Because I was walking slow, and because he asked me "hey did you do anything exciting this weekend?", I volunteered that I had finished a marathon the day before. His comment,"Yeah, but did you RUN the WHOLE THING?? Otherwise it doesn't count" What the fk? I answered, with a patent lie, "other than 2 piss breaks, yes". Who is this guy, who was huffing and puffing to push my cart to my car--the marathon police? Honestly!

My mom's idiot boyfriend (IB) told my mom that since my time was so slow that I obviously wasn't well tra…

San Francisco Marathon Race Report

I hesitate to call this a 'race' report as I did the slowest marathon i've done (of 2). As someone once told me, some days you're the hammer and some days you're the nail. On July 31, 2011 I was definately the nail.

I was fighting a flu/cold fever all last week, so i wasn't even sure if i would be able to participate at all. Finally on friday evening, some of my friends (who were registered for the half marathon) convinced me to go down to SF with them and stay in their accomodations. So I went. For shits and giggles I wore my, "I overtrain so I can drink wine" running shirt. I figured any little thing that might help would be good.

It was such a tough, but inspiring day for me. I saw so many people of all shapes and sizes working their hardest to take on a challenge. I even saw two sikh men with turbans running--one must have been nearly 70 years old--the other had had a stroke and was running, mouth downturned, one arm not working properly--but d…