life isn't always haa haa hee hee

Some of you may be wondering why my posts have been so boring lately; or why there hasn't been any 'running' posted.

As posted, I was very ill the week before SF Marathon. That illness hasn't really gone away, unfortunately. I feel ok but subsequent blood tests with doc show a concern. I've had 4 rounds of blood tests since August 2nd and things are not looking good. Next might be a CAT scan, possibly followed by biopsy.

Doc says I can run as long as I feel ok. Frankly I'm scared. I don't know why but RUNNING scares me --and that seems beyond rediculous. Every night I set out my stuff to run in the morning and every morning I wake up, turn off my alarm and roll over to sleep more.

Anyway, I hope maybe some good news might come my way from the ol' MD soon . To lift my spirits, I will be going to see Bill Maher live tonight in Sacramento. Maybe he has some MRI jokes or something.


  1. :( Hope you get some good test results soon and can hit the pavement again without fear.


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