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1. I wear a mouthguard OR retainers at night.
2. I now wear a wrist brace at night too. I'm dead sexy.
3. I think Dean Karnazes is a little blow-hard-ish.
4. I like making up new words like "Blow-hard-ish"
5. Crossfit scares me.
6. Things on my desk right now: 4 coffee cups, Curel lotion, hand sanitizer, neutrogena lotion, Trader Joes Organic Blue Agave Sweetener, phone, Pillars of the Earth, and lots of crumbs. And an unopened fortune cookie.
7.I am very indecisive.
8.I have 15 library books in the trunk of my car.
9.I like to cuss. A lot.
10. My current favorite "adult" beverage is kaluha and soymilk.
11. I make up secret nicknames for most people.

1. Which movie/tv show/character most resembles your life? Modern Family.

2. What’s the best piece of advice …

Paula Deen: The Queen of Mean or just Obscene?

The recent news that Paula Deen, the Queen of southern cooking-- the woman who peddled deep fried butter-- has acquired Type II diabetes didn't come as a shock to me. I have watched her program once or twice. I saw her laugh and giggle as she made a breakfast burger out of donuts and meat. I was surprised that she didn't deep fry it.

I don't care for her style of cooking, personally. It is unhealthy --full of fat, sugar and salt. But this is a free country and people are free to chose to eat what they want. And they do--even if it is garbage.

The thing that gets me, is that she knew about her Diabetes for 3 years and within that time, wrote and sold several cookbooks with the same unhealthy diet. In other words, she made money promoting the same food choices that led to her diagnosis.

Now she is teaming up with a company to be their spokesperson for a new diabetes drug. That just seems, ICKY to me. It is as if she has no conscience.

Promote grotesque food, acquire a …

Fear-based living

I'm still sad, confused and scared from the outcome of the story of Sherry Arnold. I didn't know her and in all likelihood never would have met her. Her death has had a profound effect on me though. After reading SUAR's post and the news of Sherry's death I started to see the bad out there. I saw it everywhere. SUAR can concentrate on the good, but I was having a really hard time. I refused to go for my morning run, convinced that someone "bad" was out there. When I ran a short run in broad daylight, I had pepperspray in hand, ready to shoot it at anything that looked menacing. Basically, I was living in total fear.

I hate violence against women. I abhor it to a degree that makes my blood pressure go up anytime I hear of a woman (or child) being hurt, maimed, killed, tortured by some asshole who has mommy issues. I don't know that my feelings are all that unusual, but I also have personally been a victim of violence directed at me--I was an easy target a…

Had a shitty day

I had a shitty day today.
Sometimes there just aren't enough rocks.

Learning Every Day

There are a lot of little rumblings going on in my head. Sad things, frightening things that occur in the world and I am trying to make sense of them while being thankful for the great life that I have. It's hard to balance ...

I recently learned that two local race directors, Bob and Linda Mathis, who's race I did last year in Cool, were killed on December 30, 2011 while crossing the street. I spoke with each of them right before and after my race and I was impressed with their love for the sport of trail running. Although I didn't know them in any way more than a passing conversation, I am so very sad for their passing. They had a respect and pure love of the sport that can't be faked.

As many of you have undoubtedly seen, Sherri Arnold has been missing since saturday morning in Montana. She left for her usual early morning run and hasn't been seen since. Only a running shoe has been found in a ditch nearby. The FBI has arrived and is continuing with the search…

There will be no resolutions

I try not to indulge in resolutions. One could say that I resolve not to make resolutions but every year I mess up and after a couple of beers on Dec 31st I think, "No more fried foods! No more sugar! I'll do an Ironman this year!!"

This year, I made the same resolutions to eat healthier, yada yada.

I broke my first resolution on Jan 1 at 9 a.m. by making and eating stacks and stacks of pancakes.

I somehow got talked into pacing someone at AR50 –most likely the last 9 miles from rattlesnake bar to the finish. See that sudden incline at the very right of the grid--that's the part I'm supposed to help with.. Yeah I laughed at that too.

I’m pretty sure I can’t manage to do the Pasadena marathon since it will cost me over $500 (flight/hotel/registration, etc)

The Modesto Marathon is too close (only 6 weeks) for me to feel that I can get ready adequately.

During my first track workout of the year, I felt every single piece of pecan pie, peach pie, apple pie, hot cocoa, bl…