Maui Zowie Wowie

Just returned from a week in Maui. My first time there. Awesome weather, wonderful time.

Highlights include:

My first time snorkeling
Mai Tais
80 degree humid weather
Sitting by the pool
Sitting by the ocean
umbrelled drinks by the pool
Dropping my cellphone into the ocean within 3 hours of landing

So now i'm in the market for a new phone. I haven't yet converted to a "smartphone". I'm still in "dumbfone" land. Not sure that I want a smartphone. And even if I were to get one, I don't know which one. Suggestions?

I'm back to cold, dry weather here in NorCal. I ran 1 whole mile while in Maui so I should probably get back on the horse, especially if I want to do the Resolution Run on January 1st.

I've decided to forgo a 50k for the time being. I feel that I need to get a few more marathons under my belt before I try for that goal.

After the Resolution Run, i'll do a couple of local halfs and then I'm deciding between the Modesto Marathon and the Pasadena Marathon.


Which would you prefer to do? Pasadena or Modesto? What smartphone do you have? Do you like it? Would you buy something else if you could ?


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