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4 final the to Down

Only one month left until Auburn Tri. The training has been going ok. Knee pain and calf pain have finally subsided a bit, but the loss of training time and intensity caused me to step back and re-evaluate my goals. I decided to officially change to the sprint distance triathlon from the half –ironman in Auburn. It was a hard decision to make, but I just decided that killing myself for one race wasn’t worth it and I was liable to end up more injured. I haven’t done a triathlon in almost 2 years (!) and I think a sprint might be the best way to ease back into Tri Racing.

That being said, the Sprint distance isn’t anything easy—1000k swim in a 55 degree lake; 18 miles on the bike with the first 8 miles being almost straight uphill; and a 7k run on trails. Yeah, I think that’s good for now.

I pre-rode the bike course on Sunday with two (non-tri training) friends. It was great. My split time from Rattlesnake Bar (T1) to Auburn Overlook (near T2) was 37 minutes for 8 miles of 9-14 % grade…

2 things diagnosed

1. Patellaform syndrome (runner's knee)
2. pulled/strained tendon from calf to insertion point behind the knee.


1. Strengthen VMO (vastus medialis obliqus)
2. rest, ice, possible ultrasound therapy.

I'm of to see the wizard...the wonderful wizard of oz

...Because of the wonderful things he does..

I have been tenderly loving my gamey left knee for a week. It simply doesn't want to cooperate with me. So I took the plunge and called my M.D. and have an appt with him today. He's a good doc--he's run boston several times, does centuries, etc--it's nice to have a doc that understands that i want to run and bike and swim.

In any case, the knee hurts not only in the back, but now in the front, on the left side, and inside of it. It hurts most from cycling but also with running and even with swimming (when i kick). My training has unfortunately come to a halt until I get this taken care of. Hopefully he can figure out the issue and get me rockn' and rollin' again. In any case, I am almost sure that I will need to switch to the sprint distance of the Auburn Tri in May. I haven't been able to do any long workouts since mid March--almost a month.

On the nutrition front: I started to look at my food ingredients a littl…

Turn You Inside Out

Been so busy at work, no time to update my blog.

Latest for Tri Training.

Rode 51 miles of the Auburn course--OUCH. Perfect discription is-- It turned me INSIDE OUT.

Tried to ride whole course two weeks later and had an EPIC FAIL due to calf/hamstring issues and bike mechanical problems. D'oh!

Managed to do 3 X 1 mile repeats at 7:54, 8:04, 7:59 during my track workouts.

Even though my 24 hour closed for repairs to the pool, I've managed to keep up my swimming--I am more relaxed in the water for sure. Up to 2600 yards, two - three times per week.

I lost 7 lbs in one week because I wasn't eating enough after my long rides. I also turned into this about an hour later.

I'm pretty proud of my riding and how far it has come along. I'm still a back of the packer, but at least i'm not MILES back.

Parkway half marathon is in 3 weeks. I hope I can break 2 hours on the run (officially).

I was doing a track workout two weeks ago and come to find out (by reading the blog) that Kris…