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Rolling is awesome

Foam Roller and Trigger Point Therapy set.

These things really work in terms of helping my pain / injury from IT Band, Piriformis pain, etc. You roll on them slowly and deeply. It helps to break up adhesions and scar tissue and really helps with pain.

Hoo Haa HA Six' Oclock

I am so exited.

Yes. I ran 11 miles on sunday with my CIM group. I should have only dont 8 (75 % of workout) but got to yammering with a lady and before I knew it I was at the 5.5 mile turnaround point. It took me 53 minutes to reach turn around. The way back took a bit longer and I stopped my garmin at 2:00:17 for 11 miles.


I rolled my hips, calves, Psoas, and tensor fascia, etc when I got home. OUCH. I rolled them again at about 4 pm. I took the trigger point ball and ground it into my hip for about 20 minutes at 9 pm. This morning, no pain other than the expected muscle soreness. I can't believe this rolling stuff works!

Today is rest day and then swim tomorrow.

Hoo Ha Ha Six'O' Clock!~ From a book I read in 8th grade called, The Divorce Express. It is an expression of fun and excitement.


Haven't posted in a while. I have been consumed with
a) feeling sorry for myself
b) being angry at feeling sorry for myself.

anyway, now that is all 'sorted' (as my brit friends say) I am back on the horse, er bike and run and swim.

I ran last week several times. I ran half the perscribed distance for my fleet feet group. Here's some totals

Anyway, with all my extra time NOT training, I've gone back to doing some quilting. With the crappy econonomy here, I've decided to give handmade quilts for christmas this year. I have probably 20 quilt kits in various stages of production in my house. I blew the dust off the ol' Janome sewing machine and got to work this last week on piecing together a new quilt top for my mom. I was planning on giving one to my mom for christmas, but was at the same time struggling with what to do for my brother. My bro is the kind of guy who buys whatever he wants--so it is hard to figure out christmas gifts for him. As I was sewin…