Garmin 405 or 305 or none

I have a question about the new Garmin 405 and the older 305.

Are these waterproof? I am considering asking Santa [a-hem] for one but then I read somewhere that Garmin is not waterproof! If this is true, then do triathletes use them? I wanted one to use during all three legs of races/training. Am I totally mistaken about this issue? Does anyone use these products? If so, what are your impressions?


  1. I can't help you in this category... I don't have one! good luck finding your answers. Sorry to hear about blogger losing all your stuff!

  2. I don't have one, but would like the 405 someday. The 305 is not waterproof. The 405 is somewhat waterproof, so people wear it at races, but not typically training. You don't really need an HR monitor for swim training anyway.

    See Reviews:

  3. Oops, I meant "not typically SWIM training."

  4. Can't help with the Garmin. I do know that you'll swim faster if you get Garrett Weber-Gale's new freestyle DVD. See the trailer on his blog:
    Best of luck for you 2009 season.

  5. I read somewhere that it's only waterproof up to 1m for only like 30 minutes. Have heard some triathletes put it in their swim cap when swimming but have yet to figure out how exactly they do that.

  6. I have the 205 and it basically sits in the drawer since after the first two weeks. Its a cool fun toy, but not so accurate for running in tree-lined neighborhoods or in the woods. The only time its come in handy is when I get lost and need it to find my car. I'd spend your money on something else (there's always something else to buy, right?!).

  7. I have the 205 (it's the same thing as the 305 but doesn't have the HR monitor) I use it all the time in the rain and it's fine. However . . .I would def NOT use it to swim with. I don't think it's THAT waterproof LOL


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