Awesome Week!

Happy Saturnalia, everyone! I hope everyone had an awesome week!

Santa brought me some cool workout gear so I was very happy with that! And the rugrat managed to score a bunch of triathlon gear (I found it at 60%-75% off!!) so she's stylin' in some zoot and descent clothing. She also got a camelbak, which we tried out on sunday.

I pulled out the ol' mountainbike, got geared up (new mountainbike jersey/shorts) and we all went for a mountain/trail ride on some single track around folsom lake. I cannot tell you how much fun I had. This time, I didn't break a rib when I fell down. I fell only once and that was into some nice soft bushes after the 5-year-old boy in front of me decided to stop his bike going uphill. I was trying to pass him just as he stopped and he started to lean to his left--just where I was passing him. So I bit it into some bushes, but got up and kept going. I didn't go too long but I really enjoyed it. Maybe I can figure out a way to go today after work. Hmmm.

Next weekend, a local multisport company is sponsering a FREE duathlon so workout partner and I are thinking about doing it and dragging at least two of the kids along to do it too. Nice FREE family fun.

That's it for now. Later.


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