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Good Eats. Good Fitness. Good Times.

Ok, I have to say several things are making me feel better about my injury.

1. It is projected that a rainy/stormy CIM. Check out for details.

2. I know other people who are having the same exact injury/issue and are just as frustrated. They also have the fun of being told in a public forum that they shouldn't run CIM. Check out Steve from Roseville's question here.

3. I ran 3 miles this morning in 29:10. I. kick. ass.

4. I have been biking like crazy. I'm getting a little faster. I look awesome in my new Ophir Milan kit. Knee warmers are on their way.

5. Life is good and shiny.

6. Thanksgiving went off without any problems. I stayed calm while I cooked a huge meal. Everyone loved it. I did a new turkey recipe and it turned out AWESOME. Even though she's a felon, Martha Stewart has some great turkey recipes.

7. I drank a lot of wine with turkey dinner.

8. I drank a lot of wine after turkey dinner.

9. RR#1 came over. We all got along fa…

Paula Deen Takes a Ham to the Face

Friday Five

1. I haven't run in almost two weeks. I'm scared to run. I'm scared of knee pain. Tomorrow. I'll run tomorrow. Really. Tomorrow.

2. I have been riding my bike quite a bit. I rode both saturday and sunday--30 miles each day. I also rode on the trainer on Wednesday morning--watched Spinervals DVD on endurance but only did 30 minutes or so. It was too boring. Maybe another dvd will be better.

3. I'm still trying to work out the swimming thing for the winter. New aquatic center opened nearby. But it is opposite direction from my work and traffic is awful before work. There is a gym I want to join that is near my work but it is $134/month. A bit pricy. I'm still trying to figure this out.

4. I joined a cycling group called Ophir Milan. They are hard-core. I hope I can keep up with them when we ride.

5.I bought the OPHIR jersey and shorts. I also tried on an OPHIR tank. Hubby said it wasn't very flattering to my figure since it shoved all my back fat to the side…

From Velo News

Foolish foolish man..

Landis to leave OUCH
Published: Nov. 17, 2009
Landis has struggled through much of the 2009 season.

Photo: Graham Watson

Floyd Landis and the management company running the OUCH professional cycling team have agreed to end his contract a year early.

Landis and the Momentum Sports Group (MSG) announced Tuesday that they have mutually agreed to terminate his contract – originally slated to expire at the end of 2010 – releasing both sides from their respective obligations for the remainder of the 2009 and 2010 racing seasons.

"I wish to thank all of the sponsors for their support this year. I would also like to thank everyone at Momentum Sports Group," Landis said. "While I'm excited to pursue other opportunities, I will miss all of my teammates and everyone on staff."

Those opportunities, said Landis, include a hoped-for return to the European stage racing he’s missed since his two-year suspension for doping at the 2006 Tour de France…


Sports Med doc says no CIM. She said that I have a significant right leg weakness and there isn't enough time before CIM to correct the imbalance with weight training. The weakness is in turn totally screwing up my gait and causing my IT Band problems--

She said if I try to run CIM I probably would cause enough damage that I wouldn't be able to run for 6 months.


So I guess I'll do the strengthening exercises she prescribed and see what happens. I don't really have a choice. I did indulge in half a glass of wine last night. I've been a teetotaler for the past few weeks because of my training. I guess that's a silver lining.

Double drats!

Funny Venn Diagrams


Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

So for some great news. Doc said I can run starting Thurs or Friday.
Yeah! My knee already feels better I am soooo thankful !!!

Onto other, more important business.


Even better than Christmas. Even better than Fourth of July. I think it is because I have such good memories of being a child and having a house full of guests, yummy smells coming from the kitchen, watching “chitty chitty bang bang” on TV and stuffing myself with cranberry jelly and dressing until I thought I might throw up. And then eating pumpkin pie slathered with Cool Whip.

I <3 thanksgiving!

I start planning thanksgiving every year around August. Seriously.
I plan the guest list, plan how we’re gonna make it all happen. Plan the food.

Hmm.mmm food.

This year, even though I am trying to eat more vegan-like, thanksgiving is going to be a time that I will still indulge.

I’ve drafted the menu.

Fresh Cranberry Relish
Canned Cranberry jelly
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Candied Yams
Stir f…

Spreadn' the funk

warning--this post contains some foul language. Be advised.

Several bloggers have noted a decrease in energy, an increase in sadness (funkitude), or general illness/injury.

The funk has now spread over here.. I got the H1N1 and regular flu shots so it is not illness. I am not 'sad' per se. No peeps, I am INJURED.

During 4 bridges my right IT Band started to flare a bit. I rested it afterwards, Iced, rolled-- I even took 4 days off and cut my speed workout.

On sunday's 20 mile long run, the IT Band kicked me in the nads.

Two miles into the 20 miler it woke up and said, "uh, no. we're not going to do this today." I yelled the the ITB, "fk u. We're going to finish 20".

At 15 miles, I'd had enough. ITB won. I called hubby and asked him to pick me up on the bike trail and he did.

I am sad and depressed. Went to doc. He says, that technically, my IT Band is ok.. Good flexibility, stretch, and movement. So what's the problem? My old lingering ankle…