Spreadn' the funk

warning--this post contains some foul language. Be advised.

Several bloggers have noted a decrease in energy, an increase in sadness (funkitude), or general illness/injury.

The funk has now spread over here.. I got the H1N1 and regular flu shots so it is not illness. I am not 'sad' per se. No peeps, I am INJURED.

During 4 bridges my right IT Band started to flare a bit. I rested it afterwards, Iced, rolled-- I even took 4 days off and cut my speed workout.

On sunday's 20 mile long run, the IT Band kicked me in the nads.

Two miles into the 20 miler it woke up and said, "uh, no. we're not going to do this today." I yelled the the ITB, "fk u. We're going to finish 20".

At 15 miles, I'd had enough. ITB won. I called hubby and asked him to pick me up on the bike trail and he did.

I am sad and depressed. Went to doc. He says, that technically, my IT Band is ok.. Good flexibility, stretch, and movement. So what's the problem? My old lingering ankle injury has screwed up the shock absorption of my right leg. The issue is really a combination of bad shock absorbers in my calf and a slight pulling of my Tensor Facia Lata. This is causing my IT Band to have to pick up the shockabsorbing slack and it is quite angry.

After doing some deep tissue/fascia work, my A.R.T. guy said I should try to run again today. I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning and see how a few short miles go. I was able to walk down stairs today (hurray!)and the side of my leg is extremely sore (uh, hurray???) from the work he did yesterday on it.

I did tell my A.R.T. guy that if I need to wrap my knee stiff straight and peg-leg it to the finish of California International Marathon, I will do that. I don't care. I just don't want the stabbing pain.

In any case--blah fkn blah.

So now for some good news--my MA diploma came in the mail yesterday! Honestly, I was still half expecting that I would get a letter from the Graduate office saying that they made a mistake and I was a unit short or something. But alas, the fools sent me a diploma so I can add a MA after my name..

Tri-Karen-Tri, M.A. (aka Peg-leg)


  1. I am sorry to hear about your injury and frustrations. I hope the leg gets better, and fast!

  2. ARGH!! If it isn't one thing, it's another, it seems :-(

    YAY for the diploma!

  3. So I stumbled across your blog and I am in the same CIM training group! I have been blogging for a while in and out but have yet to have found anyone in Sacramento! The 20 miler was pretty brutal last weekend. Are you doing Clarksburg this weekend?

  4. Hi Kristen
    No Clarksburg this week for me. I'll be on the bike trail with coach bob. See you next week!


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