Thanksgiving and Giving Thanks

So for some great news. Doc said I can run starting Thurs or Friday.
Yeah! My knee already feels better I am soooo thankful !!!

Onto other, more important business.


Even better than Christmas. Even better than Fourth of July. I think it is because I have such good memories of being a child and having a house full of guests, yummy smells coming from the kitchen, watching “chitty chitty bang bang” on TV and stuffing myself with cranberry jelly and dressing until I thought I might throw up. And then eating pumpkin pie slathered with Cool Whip.

I <3 thanksgiving!

I start planning thanksgiving every year around August. Seriously.
I plan the guest list, plan how we’re gonna make it all happen. Plan the food.

Hmm.mmm food.

This year, even though I am trying to eat more vegan-like, thanksgiving is going to be a time that I will still indulge.

I’ve drafted the menu.

Fresh Cranberry Relish
Canned Cranberry jelly
Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Candied Yams
Stir fried Green Bean with toasted almonds
Brussels Sprouts cooked in bacon fat with pine nuts.
Apple Pie (2)
Pumpkin Pie
Pecan Pie
Mincemeat Pie

I am also getting the Tofurkey Supermeal . It contains a tofurkey, cranberry sauce, vegan stuffing (yes the Tofurkey is stuffed), “wishstix”, vegan gravy and some sort of potato/cranberry dumplings.

I am having 15+ guests over for Thanksgiving . It is going to be a BLAST!
All food is made entirely from scratch. I make the pies, including the crusts from scratch. Dressing is made from bread I bake at home, Gravy made from a roux, etc. Almost nothing ‘packaged’ other than the turkey and the canned cranberry jelly.

All this cooking and planning means I will take two days off from work to shop, make pies, clean house, etc. I won’t be able to do any of the local Turkey Trots because the cooking schedule is so tight, even with a double oven.

I am considering deep frying the turkey outside—this will make a yummy turkey plus it will free up one of the double ovens for all the other goodies.

I cannot wait!


  1. Thanksgiving is tied for first with Christmas for me. Thanksgiving has always been spent at home, where we meet with my mom's side of the family (that is HUGE) to give thanks. So much food, so many laughs, and so many memories!


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