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Steve in a Speedo Interviewed Me

Steve in a Speedo Interviewed me and here are the questions and my answers. Enjoy!

Interview Questions:

1.) What's your best and your worst race experience? Explain.
Best experience was running the American River Half Marathon last year. I felt great--everyone was allowed to use IPODS so I listened to awesome music the whole time and I PR'd. Worst--there are two. My first half marathon ever, I took off too fast and at mile 5 my IT Band locked up so bad that I hobbled the remaining 7 or 8 miles and had to be off my feet for 2 months. The other worst one was my very first triathlon ever. I got in the lake and panicked--I basically had an anxiety attack and ended up dead last out of the water. It took me 45 minutes to swim half mile. It was humiliating.

2.) What was the race that got you "hooked?" Explain.
It was probably the crappy triathlon I detailed above--only because I realized that I needed to train in the water a lot more and after training I did another sprint tri t…

Some Amgen Tour of CA pics

Made it to the TOC this weekend in Sacramento. I had a great time seeing all the cycling gods! First person I saw was Jens Voight. He is not nearly as tall as I thougth he would be.

Then as I walked away from the Saxo Bank Truck, Leipheimer, Horner and Armstrong rode/walked their bikes within inches of me trying to get out on the course !!!!

I waited at the astana truck for lance and company to come back. After about an hour of waiting Chris Horner showed up. I yelled, "Hey Chris" and he turned around and I snapped this picture.
Chris Horner

Then a few minutes later, Lance showed back up looking fit and trim--


I walked over to the OUCH truck and within 5 minutes a big escalade started down the street and inside was...tada! Floyd!!!

I was only able to get a pic of the back of his head though. He was smiling and he quickly hobbled/ran into the team truck. I milled around the team truck and saw Floyd's bike. I know it was his bike cause it had his name on it.

Floyd's Bik…

Yoga DVD Review

Last night I did Shiva Rea Creative Core Abs DVD.

The DVD was pretty tough. There are three sections to the DVD-- I did only the first 8 minute section. I have a few observations.

DVD has some weird background funky indian psychedelic music. If you are into that great. If not, then select the "instruction only" option.

A lot of the "fluid" poses are, well, not something I would ever want anyone else to see me do. I mean there are several poses with my legs straight up in the air split in half, and then toss them behind your head. It's fine if I am alone, but I know I could never do this workout with someone else in the room.

Shiva Rea is inspiring but also very intimidating. She has NO FAT on her belly. And for someone who was recently nicknamed muffin top it gives me hope. But also want to punch her.

Be sure to have a really good thick mat or carpet under you when you do this DVD. There is a lot of time spent on the knees (stop snickering) and on the back (ok now …

Citation Saturday; Swimmy Sunday

I'm brain dead but happy. I finished all citation revisions for my feces--I mean thesis saturday night. WHOOOO HOOO!!! I was able to locate some great forgotten citations from several old versions of my thesis and incorporated those. I am so relieved! Now just need to re-write a little and incorporate a couple of small details to smooth out the edges.


To celebrate, I went swimming sunday at the 24HOUR Fitness pool. Again, gross fat hairy pasty-pale, sweaty men were sitting on benches just watching us swim. I don't know if I should feel good that I have a great body (LOL) that someone wants to watch or if I should be creeped out.

I did the endurance swim #3 again. I still don't have paddles so I skipped the 600 yards of "pulling" but did the rest--1900 yards. The longest I have ever gone in my entire life. Ever. Ever.

It took about an hour total. I really focused on using my core to rotate through the water. WP watched me swim to give me some ti…

Silly sweaty laps

Went for a swim in the gross 24 hour pool last night. WP and I went at 8pm--much later than usual but family obligations and TOP CHEF kept me busy until then. We packed up and I drove us over. We both thought that since it was 8pm, that the pool would be empty.


It was fully of gross sweaty men sitting around. Let me elaborate, the men don't really swim. They just stand around or sit in the spa watching the women swim. When the men over heat or get all sweaty from sitting in the spa/sauna they jump into the pool to cool off. They don't care that there are people swimming laps. They don't care that their incessant gaze makes women uncomfortable. And at least on of them does not care that his political opinions are stupid and nobody wants to hear them.

WP and I swam for about 25 minutes. I have no idea how many laps, we just went back and forth. I tried to work on pushing my "buoy" down (chest) so my legs would float up and and not drag. One of the eccentric men…

Funky Five Miler

Ran five miler around my neighborhood last night. It was hard, again up until the point I was about a mile from the house. Then I kicked it into high gear. It helped that "Slither" by Velvet Revolver popped onto my IPOD at the opportune moment.

47:03. That's 5 minutes slower than my 42:10 that I ran the same course last year. I suspect two things for the slower performance

1. I did not stop my IPOD whenever I stopped to stretch my calves, quads last night (twice). I think when I ran the 42minute time, I stopped my IPOD every time I had to stop and stretch.

2. When I ran the 42 minute time, I was in the thick of a prednisone induced rage. That makes me run fast and not care.

Any hoo-- Yesterday's time ends up at about 9:30 mile/hour. Not fast, not slow. I sprinted the last 400 yards--racing against my WP and beat her!!!! I can't believe it..She was ahead for about 300 yards and the last 100 I kicked it and passed her.

I'm pretty freakn sore today though. I'…

Saddened Sunday

Trying not to freak out because I cannot find a citation that I need. Blah.

Ran 8 yesterday again--per the workout schedule. Last week I ran 8 in 1:17. This week it took me 1:29:58. What the hell? I felt awful during the run--lots of "trots" issues slowed me to a walk for large sections of my run. There was no TP in the porta-potties either. Yeah, get that graphic out of your mind now.

I looked extra cute though in my running skirt and bright blue top. The EC on the trail was amazing--it was a lovely 65 degrees so most male runners were sans shirt. Most of the time, that is a good thing--sometimes not.

It turns out that I missed my 60 mile mark for the month by 3 miles. Fk.

No workout today since I'm sitting in the library slowly plugging away. Most of the men in the library have started leaving and I guess it is because the superbowl will be starting in a couple of hours.

That's it. Oh, massive paycut announced friday afternoon (5pm) by the governator so my racing fo…