Saddened Sunday

Trying not to freak out because I cannot find a citation that I need. Blah.

Ran 8 yesterday again--per the workout schedule. Last week I ran 8 in 1:17. This week it took me 1:29:58. What the hell? I felt awful during the run--lots of "trots" issues slowed me to a walk for large sections of my run. There was no TP in the porta-potties either. Yeah, get that graphic out of your mind now.

I looked extra cute though in my running skirt and bright blue top. The EC on the trail was amazing--it was a lovely 65 degrees so most male runners were sans shirt. Most of the time, that is a good thing--sometimes not.

It turns out that I missed my 60 mile mark for the month by 3 miles. Fk.

No workout today since I'm sitting in the library slowly plugging away. Most of the men in the library have started leaving and I guess it is because the superbowl will be starting in a couple of hours.

That's it. Oh, massive paycut announced friday afternoon (5pm) by the governator so my racing for the year is going to be curtailed. I just cannot afford to spend mucho dinero on race entries when my take home was cut so substantially. I shudder thinking about the local economy, afterall, most of sacramento is employed by governmental entities. So I think I am going to be highly selective in what I chose to race. American River Parkway half marathon is a sure thing. Other than that, I don't know. RugRat wanted open water swim lessons and a new wetsuit so those things may be on hold too. Have to wait and see. It sucks though. Maybe it will be a good lesson in frugality and priority setting. Hopefully.

Back to the Chicago manual of style and "New Era" (thesis title), and listening to Duran Duran's (Reach up for The) Sunrise.

Other songs on "study" playlist:
Hot N Cold
Step On
I Don't Want Your Love
Reach up for the Sunrise
Da Funk
In a Big Country
Suicide Blonde
Jump Around
Your Woman
Life is a highway
Stupid Girls
Join in the Chant
Gold Digger
Too Funky
Come on Eileen
Barrel of a Gun
Let it Whip
Brimful of Asha
You Drive me Crazy
How do you want it
More Human than Human
The Edge of Heaven
Good Vibrations
I kissed a girl
Rhythm nation
It's No Good
Crazy in Love

PS --Happy Birthday Pops.


  1. I hear you on cutting race entries. I may be cutting some of my races out of my schedule this year to save money. yuck.

  2. Bleck. Sorry about having to cut races. Seems like everyone is having to these days.

    I have Edge Of Heaven on my playlist too hehe

  3. I think every one I know is cutting back on their racing this year, myself included. I wish more race organizers would offer discounts. One local one did and I signed up for it.

    This week is a new week1


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