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Four Bridges Half Marathon Race Report

Doing a second half marathon in 3 weeks seems crazy, doesn't it? But I promised my mom that we would participate together so we both signed up. A great bonus was that my brother also registered the day before the event so it was going to be the three of us participating together! Whoo hoo. Family stresses and crazy dynamics be damned!

I got to the run early because I had 17 miles on the training plan and I wanted to get the additional 4 miles in before the race. I ran 4 miles early at a pretty slow pace (10:45-11 min/miles). That was all good.

I had a 45 minute wait until the start of the race so I called my brother and mom to gauge their ETA. We hooked up about 10 minutes later. Mom was really nervous.

I was originally assigned to wave 2 based on my estimated finish time (2:10) but I switched to wave 3 so I could start with mom (2:15+). Bro started in our wave too. He was very irritable for some reason. Whatever.

The horn blew and we were off. The biggest thing we coached my m…

Chuckle for the Day

I think this is really funny.

Four Bridges Race Report coming up soon!

Speed Work

Just a quick note. I did my speed workout last night

2 mile warm up.
6X800's at threshold pace w/ 90 second recovery
2 mile cool down.

My TOP SPEED while running???? 6:28 min/mile!!!!!!!!!

Don't MESS, er, with Kalyfornya.. (as our illustrious governator stays).

Woot Woot!

Kickn' A$$

Working long hours has kept me incredibly busy -- too busy to post anything lately.

This weekend (Sunday) is the Four Bridges Half Marathon. I am set to run it. I am hoping for a 2:15 time or better. My mom is running with me, despite a slight calf muscle pull. My brother is planning to run it too--as a surprise for my mom.

I wish there was a lot more to tell but there isn't.

I ran 15 miles last week. My longest run ever in my life. I felt like crap afterward but by the next day, it was all good.

I am looking forward to the cheering spectators on Sunday. I am going to run 13.1 miles for the race, then another 4 miles (2 mile warm up/ 2 mile cool down) after--in order to reach my 17 mile training goal.

That's it for now. Tonight's workout is 6 half mile repeats at intensity pace + 1.5 mile warm up/1.5 mile cool down for a total of 6 miles.

I'll post after Sunday's race!

Cowtown Race Report

First my sincerest apologies—I have no pictures. I was too lazy to carry the camera with me.

However, here’s report.

I woke up at 5 and had coffee and PB & J toasted sandwich and water.
Read the weather report—40 degrees outside--Perfect for shorts and shortsleeve top when running. I donned skirtsports skirt with compression thigh length shorts underneath. Wore my blood sweat and beers top and also brought my hat.

Did the usual ‘bodily functions’ packed up my stuff and left the house by 5:45. Fleet feet said to reach their tent by 6:45 for a warm up.

Met at a friends house who lives close by the race location and parked the car in front of her house. Went in, used her bathroom and then we walked to the race start (about a mile away).

It was cold. Walking in shorts in 40 degree weather (remember this is California and it was 110 high only 1.5 weeks ago) is difficult. I forgot gloves. Drats.

Anyway, got to the fleet feet tent in time to see the group leaving for their warm up. I w…

Cowtown Miracle

I finished Cowtown in 2:11:37!

So sore today but I can't believe it!


Race of the Year

As you may have noticed, I haven’t raced much in the last 18 months or so. My thesis/feces took priority. On Sunday, October 4 I will endeavor to complete the Cowtown Half Marathon. I am a little worried and nervous. I have been sick for two days this week; had a bad ankle for 4 weeks; and now have some shin pain.

I ran 4 miles this morning in 40:32 and felt great after so I’m keeping my hopes up that Cowtown will go well. I’ll try to take pics and post them after the race.

If all goes good with Cowtown then I intend to register for four bridges half on Oct 25. CIM group is slated to run 17 that day, so I’ll do the 2 mile warm up before the race and a 2 mile cool down after so I can get in my mileage. My mom (58 years old!) is running Four Bridges – her first half marathon ever!. She rocks it. She started running when she was 50 –and had absolutely NO athletic background before she began running a few years ago.

Anyway, that’s it for now.. Send good vibes my way on Sunday morning.