Kickn' A$$

Working long hours has kept me incredibly busy -- too busy to post anything lately.

This weekend (Sunday) is the Four Bridges Half Marathon. I am set to run it. I am hoping for a 2:15 time or better. My mom is running with me, despite a slight calf muscle pull. My brother is planning to run it too--as a surprise for my mom.

I wish there was a lot more to tell but there isn't.

I ran 15 miles last week. My longest run ever in my life. I felt like crap afterward but by the next day, it was all good.

I am looking forward to the cheering spectators on Sunday. I am going to run 13.1 miles for the race, then another 4 miles (2 mile warm up/ 2 mile cool down) after--in order to reach my 17 mile training goal.

That's it for now. Tonight's workout is 6 half mile repeats at intensity pace + 1.5 mile warm up/1.5 mile cool down for a total of 6 miles.

I'll post after Sunday's race!


  1. Good luck!!! Hope you Kick A$$ at the 1/2 mary!

  2. Best of luck on your race! 13 miles may seem short with all that longer running you've been doing.


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