Blogger lost my account. Again.

I'm sorry I was gone for awhile. Blogger does not like me. They lost my account again.

Please bear with me as I regroup and try to find some old posts.
So many things happened while I was away!

Steve started doing the nordictrack dance
Carol began doing Yoga
Rebecca was in Triathlete Magazine!
Catra ran another 40,000+ miles
Misty started doing strength training
Xenia sent me the popener and I used it on a nice bottle of Guiness.

Have a good day everyone!


  1. That is so frustrating! And scary. Must back up my blog....

  2. wow, that sucks. Maybe someone is hacking in and you should change your password.

    I once again did not know you were down, because I was using Google Reader and I see your old posts. Want me to copy them to you again? When was Rebecca in a magazine?! I missed that one!

  3. Man, I wonder why this keeps happening. Maybe I should back up my blog posts too ...

    Good to have you back!

  4. Yay, you got the Popener!

    Sorry about Blogger being a pain in the patootie.

  5. Yep it sucks but i'm back up and going. Thanks Carol for sending me copies of my old blog. I'm slowly adding them all back.


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