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The Bitch is Back

Knock knock? Hello?  Anyone out there?

After several painful and frustrating years, the "butt pain" was finally diagnosed as a low back L4/5 disc issue.  Despite lots of PT, the only thing that has worked to get me back running and biking again is Bikram Yoga.  Yes yes I know-- bikram himself is questionable and is likely a serial rapist and freak of nature (and not in a good way).  But at least for me, his system of 26 poses in a hot room has allowed my back to gain enough strength so that i can now run small distances-- up to 9 to 10 miles on dirt, 6 on cement/asphalt with no lingering back issues.  I can also get on my road bike up to (so far), 30 miles.   I have done a couple of short races and somehow , even with my slow pace, managed to place in the top 5 for my age group.  I chalk this up more to aging up than to any sort of speed... but hell, i'll take any ego boost i can get at this point.

So what does that all mean for my blog?  I hope that i can continue to p…