The Bitch is Back

Knock knock? Hello?  Anyone out there?

After several painful and frustrating years, the "butt pain" was finally diagnosed as a low back L4/5 disc issue.  Despite lots of PT, the only thing that has worked to get me back running and biking again is Bikram Yoga.  Yes yes I know-- bikram himself is questionable and is likely a serial rapist and freak of nature (and not in a good way).  But at least for me, his system of 26 poses in a hot room has allowed my back to gain enough strength so that i can now run small distances-- up to 9 to 10 miles on dirt, 6 on cement/asphalt with no lingering back issues.  I can also get on my road bike up to (so far), 30 miles.   I have done a couple of short races and somehow , even with my slow pace, managed to place in the top 5 for my age group.  I chalk this up more to aging up than to any sort of speed... but hell, i'll take any ego boost i can get at this point.

So what does that all mean for my blog?  I hope that i can continue to post training and racing updates here.  the blog works as a good accountability system so that i don't get too lazy.

As such, my next trail race is May 9 in Cool, CA and is called "Dirty Secret Trail Run" ; and yes, i did register for the long course.

I am also wanting to get back into triathlons but not really sure where to start.  There is a half ironman in October locally.  It is all flat and i can train on the local roads.  There are also several sprint and oly distance races over the summer.  Thoughts?

Ultimately, and i don't know if this will ever be a possibility, i would like to do another marathon.

On a personal note, both rugrats have moved out of the house and are on their own and in college.  So its just me and the hubs wandering around our empty house together wondering what we should do to keep ourselves occupied.  Get your minds out of the gutter.



  1. Several years ago I had terrible low back pain, too, and the thing that helped me the most was core work (like yoga, except that I don't do yoga) and continuing to run and train. I'm glad you're back!!
    I am both excited and terrified of when the kids move out. We're on a four year countdown at this point, and it seems like a scary new world out there when we're "done" raising kids!

  2. I am so totally used to the kids not living at home as they moved out back in 1993 LOL - hubs and I have been on our own for some time now and enjoy life, travel etc- you will get used to it quickly most likely


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