Suck it up, buttercup!

 So I suck as a blogger still.  Getting back into the groove of writing is almost as difficult as starting to run or bike or swim on a consistant and regular basis.  I am getting better at it though. I cannot fathom how I used to get up at 4:15 a.m. to go run.  It seems like such a lifetime ago!! But I suppose life is full of changes and we adapt and those changes become our new normal.  Its implementing the change that is so painful and difficult.

Ok, done with the philosophy!  Yesterday’s track workout was a killer.  I haven’t been very consistent in my running.  Some weeks im doing 15 miles, others 0.  Again, habit is just something I need to build again.  the track workout was 2 miles warm up; strides; 5X 1k @5min; 2 mile cool down. I only managed the warm up, strides and half the 1k workout and 1.25 mile cool down.  I was cooked.  My times were slow on the 1ks, my tummy was a little off and I just felt LETHARGIC in general.

However, on a social level, I had a grand time.  Talked with several long-time friends who were super encouraging!  It was amazing!  We were discussing upcoming races, upcoming trail training runs and aches and pains.  I felt so good about being a part of a “community” again, even on a small level.

That said, my upcoming “races” are

Dirty Secret
She Rocks the Trails
Blood Sweat and Beers
Run on the Sly
Overlook 50k
All of these races are totally contingent upon non-injury of course.  But I like having some goals to focus on and some things to do! 


  1. Oh, I LOVE the She Rocks!!!!! Well, I didn't love it the first year when it was a thousand degrees, but totally loved it the second year when I killed it.
    Very ambitious and exciting racing schedule - yay for you!!!

    1. hanks Pahla! I hope that these races will motivate me to train consistently. If my 10 miler this weekend goes well, I'm going to add Miner's Revenge to the line-up.


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