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Assume = Ass out of U and Me

The last post was a free-thought experiment based on several experiences i had recently. What all the experiences had in common was that someone assumed something about me based upon how I looked or their perception of me. Some were scary, some were funny, and some were sad. Like the one about me adapting to heat better because of my family origin. This was the conversation:

Me: Gosh it is really hot today !! I didn't drink enough water and my running is suffering.

Him: Yes It is hot, I have a hard time running in the heat too.

Me: It seems to take me a few weeks of running in the heat to really get used to it.

Him: Oh, really? I thought that since you have dark skin you probably like running in hot weather and can do it better. You know, chasing after animals or something. I figured you hate cold weather.

Me: aaaahhhh...[crickets chirping]

If I could have, i would have shoved the guy, but that's not how I roll. Of course I didn't say, "Gosh" either, but I'…

I am not....

I am not… a muslim. Not everyone with brown skin is a muslim. I am curious, if I was a muslim, would you treat me differently?

I am not…a mom in the traditional sense. I raise others’ children who I never gave birth to. They call me “mom”.

I am not… calm and serene.

I am not… an age-group placer in any race. I am slow and methodical and I like it that way.

I am not… an expert in yoga.

I am not… a conservative, even though I live in the most conservative county in California.

I am not…. a vegetarian, but I am trying to eat vegan as often as possible.

I am not.. more easily adapted to hot weather, just because I have dark skin and my family of origin came from a warm climate.

I am not… religious.

I am not… immune when you yell and spit at me and tell me to “go back to my own country.” I was born and raised in California—which country do you think I should go back to?

I am not…a bad driver.

I am not... unmoved by kind gestures.

Update: This link I saw today relates to some of the statements above. …

Struggle Struggle

I've been humming and ha-ing about my upcoming half ironman. One part of me wants to try something new, hard, exciting.

One part of me is really scared that I haven't prepared enough.

As I was having an internal dialogue about this, I read Misty "Athena Diaries Geek Girl" latest post and it described EXACTLY how I feel.

Misty is a much better writer than I am so please read how I feel HERE

Comedy of Errors: The Blood, Sweat, & Beers Race Report

Things you DON’T do before a 10-mile, 3500 foot elevation change trail race

Do not eat homemade salsa brought over by your next-door neighbor regardless of her assertions of it’s freshness. Sure it looks good and it tastes great going into your body, but consider what it might do in 6 hours coming out of your body.
Do not decide the night before the race to make home made vegan ice cream. If you do make vegan Rum Raisin ice cream, under no circumstances EAT a BOWLFUL of it. See #1 above.
Do not drink any alcohol the night before a race. Not even an ounce. One ounce of good wine easily turns into a glass with pasta dinner and then another glass after dinner.
Do not spend all day on your feet in unsupportive shoes, running from store to store trying to find rock salt for the ice cream maker.
Do not spend 2 hours at Costco buying “goodies” no matter how bad you think you need them. Do not try samples at Costco. See #1 above. Do not stand in the sun outside Costco.
Do not go to the ‘crack house…