Twenty Ten kick-off with a Bang!

2010 started off with a BANG--migraine. I stayed up late new years' eve ( I barely made it to midnight) and then hit the sack. At 3 a.m. migraine hit and I got up and took my scrip and hobbled back to bed. Woke up at 10 a.m. I never sleep in that late. I had the RESOLUTION Run at 1pm in Auburn so I got up and got moving.

Resolution run 5k was awesome.. 1.2 miles straight down hill. Then last 2 miles up muddy trails. I managed the downhill well. On my way uphill, I tripped on a granite rock and BAM! hit the ground hard. My left leg, left shoulder were scraped and my right hand (which I put out to brace myself) landed on a granite boulder so was sore. But most importantly, my garmin was scatched! Embarrased by the chorus of, "Oh my god are you ok??" by everyone around me, I got up and finished the run. The last 2 miles was completely up hill. Overall my resolution run time was 40 minutes for a 5k but I managed to get 6th place (out of 20) in my age group!

When I got home I took some pics of my injuries. It turned out my right hand had a big hole with pieces of missing skin. Awesome!

January 2 I rested but on Jan 3 I rode 44 miles on my bike in the freezing rain/ fog. Even with the crap weather I really enjoyed the ride. I bonked at about the 35 mile mark and had to stop and eat a Gu, but finished the ride in 166 min.

My half ironman training started on January 5. I am following Half Ironman training plan #4 in Matt Fitzgerald's book, . It has me biking, swimming, and running 3X/week. I've noticed several interesting things with this training program.

1.I find that I am a LOT hungrier now, even after one week of training.
2. I did most of my weekly biking on the trainer since it is dark when I get home from work, but the 5 a.m. swim workouts are not too bad.
3.The running is just ok. I am trying to go slow when I run, so I don't irritate my IT Band, but I haven't been doing my PT strengthening lately, so the IT is IRRITATED right now. Blah.
4. I do not have any time to watch TV any more. The working out takes time, but so does all the planning/clean up etc. Washing water bottles, washing workout clothes, hanging up workout clothes, set stuff out for the next day is a lot of time. I barely got to watch OZ last night.

Today is a rest day and I am very happy for that. I do enjoy doing my YOGA DVD so I'll pop that in tonight and do a few minutes. Unless, of course, the Season #4 BIG LOVE DVD arrives from Netflix today. Then I'll indulge in that guilty pleasure. :)

I'm onto week #2 of training plan. Only 19 more weeks until Auburn Half Ironman!


  1. very nice...sounds liek you've got some good work goin on, too!! Scars rock!

  2. Great job on your first week of training. Swim, bike, run, 3 times a week, each?! Way to go!

    I agree with Jon, scars are awesome!

  3. Nice war wounds. Now you can make up stories about how you had to wrestle a bear while on a run. You won, of course. :)

  4. Looks like the scrapes hurt! I banged myself up pretty good when I fell on a run over the summer - but mine was on the sidewalk in NYC instead of on a trail run - I think you win!

    I agree with you that all the planning and prep seems to take just as much time as the actual workouts!

  5. Wow, what a way to start your year off with a BANG. Hopefully this will mean no other falls or injuries for the rest of the year. Good luck with your half iron training!

    (PS - I've had no time to watch TV for years)

  6. Ouch!! Those look painful.

    I can't wait to read more about your Half Iron Man training.


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