Ride, Run, Repeat

I had a really awesome xmas long weekend and I hope you did too. Family drama aside, we all ate, drank and were merry (mostly).

On Christmas eve, I worked half a day at work and then vroomed over to the grocery to pick out food for cooking the next day. Hubby took the RR to her mom's house for xmas eve. Since EXW is moving and didn't have time to buy a christmas tree, hubby bought the tree and decorations and sent them over with the RR. Say it with me.. "AWWWWW...".

Christmas morning entailed going to my mom's for indian breakfast. There I met my brother's new girlfriend. She's pretty cool. She's vegan, hippy, and apparently a pagan. Wow. Well, happy saturnalia to her.

Hubby picked up RR#1 and RR#2 from their mom's (No "thank you" from the EXW for the tree, of course)at noon and headed to our house for presents and food. I managed to snag some great stuff--Chanel #5 (mmmm); Two vegan cookbooks (30 Minute Vegan and Alicia Silverstone's new book); a new hand blender; some gourmet tea; clothes from Banana Republic; all new bedroom furniture; and Louis Garneau full shoe covers!

After ripping open gifts, we excused ourselves to the kitchen where I whipped up an almost entirely vegan dinner. The only "non-vegan" item was the ham. I made Ham, Field Roast Celebration Roast; lemon dill carrots, rolls, fried apples, garlic mashed potatoes, two pies (blackberry and apple); green salad (from mom) and sweet potato casserole with pecans (also from mom).

Oh, and wine.
lots and lots of wine.
lots and lots and lots of wine.

between the 9 of us there who would drink wine, we finished 7 bottles.

After my fourth glass, I texted my riding partner and postponed our 8 a.m. ride to 9 a.m. My text looked like this, "hI cn we neeu @ 9 not 8 2morox?"

Lucky for me, she understood and texted back, "Sure no problem see you at 9"

Next morning, I was horribly hung over and trying to eat a barely cooked egg at 7 a.m.before the ride. My husband laughed at me.

I made it to the rendezvous point and my hangover complimented friends, asthma/cold. Between us, we barely did 20 miles at average 14 mph. We were a sorry sight. :) I got to wear my new louis garneau booties though and that was awesome.

I got home, ate, and then ran 2 miles in the evening.

Sunday morning at 2 a.m. it started raining. I was scheduled to ride again, but I HATE riding in rain--especially when I am doing hills. So I postponed Sunday's morning ride to noon. By then it was clear. I did the Shirland Tract ride again, but added a couple of miles at the beginning by going down to the boat ramp and then climbing back up. The whole ride took 1:23--15 miles total. 3700 feet of climbing. My max heart rate got to 191bpm. Really. I thought my heart was going to explode out of my chest. If I do the 220-age formula, I should have a maximum of 183 obviously the formula is wrong--but I really thing 191 is about as high as I can go without passing out.

In any case, after descending at a scorching 28 mph and passing a dead deer on the road (eww), I climbed into my car, drove home, changed to run gear and did a 3 mile run in 33 minutes. I was trying to keep my HR around 165 so I had to slow down a lot to keep it at that.

Back home, shower, food, but I was GRUMPY GRUMPY GRUMPY. Even RR was telling me I was grumpy. I obviously needed to eat before the shower and I needed to eat something other than plain air popped popcorn.

I am resting today, and then running and biking tomorrow. The swim still is not on my radar. Hopefully soon.


  1. I was vegan for a month back in college. I didn't think it would be as difficult since I had been a vegetarian for a while. Surprise, surprise: it's a whole different ball game (at least for me!). I didn't realize how much whey, egg, and honey was in everything. I don't remember if I got hardcore and omitted yeast, or not. It's definitely a very healthy way to go, though!


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