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I have been doing the Shiva Rea Vinyasa Flow yoga DVD. I can review it in 4 words.


Shiva Rea has done several other DVDs--Yoga Shakti, Core Abs, etc. But this DVD really is special. Here are some highlights:

Yoga Matrix--this allows you to customize your yoga experience. If you only want to select backbends and hip openers, simply click on those two and hit "play". If you want more meditation, click on the appropriate pranayama and you are all set.

Preprogramed routines--DVD has several preprogramed routines ranging from 41 minutes to 108 minutes. Everything to help you progress through your yoga journey. I especially like the "flow" routine that has the hip opener.. Wow!

Music--ok, the music on most fitness DVDs leaves a lot to be desired. We all know that.. but the music on this DVD was pretty cool. It was kind of indian sitar music electronica. But not abrasive. Very calming.

The "FLOW"--this is not a 'traditional yoga' DVD. Downward dog is not held for eternity, rather you do it with a wave flow. The idea of "flow" is to allow non-limber people to become limber/stretchy at their own pace. At first it was a little strange, but I quickly got used to the wave / flow sequences.

Specifically, I really enjoyed the HIP OPENER section of the DVD. It really stretched out my low back, butt, hips, and IT Band. I couldn't believe the difference in my pain level before and after. I was tight and in a lot of pain before I did the DVD and after I am always very limber, relaxed and in no pain at all. In fact, I ran yesterday 3 miles and had no pain at all in my knee or hip. I really think that the yoga (and the PT) is helping.

If you have the ability to pick up this DVD I highly recommend it. Even at twice a week I am seeing a difference in my pain/strength level.

Happy Holidays everyone!


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  2. I love love love Yoga! Total believer in using it to enhance athletic performance.

  3. Great blog! I love yoga as well. I personally, practice Bikram yoga right now. Have experimented with several styles. I like the hot room. I know I'm weird! What can I say, I grew up in Miami. Jen

  4. Trifitmom, Technically it is for intermediate beginners. However, if you were to take it slow and do the shorter programs, I think you might be ok.

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