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Shamrock’n Half Marathon Race Report Aka The Bitch is Back

This race report is going to be full of sparkle and sunshine since I PR’d (Boo-ya!).

This is my second time doing the Shamrockn’ half marathon. I did it in 2008 with a finish time of 2:17. Not great--but ok.

I should preface the race report by saying that my goal for the race was to get under 2:15. I thought I would be able to get under 2:10 but because I had been sick for almost two weeks I didn’t want to psych myself up only to be disappointed. I figured a 2:15, even with the time lost due to illness—would be doable.

I checked my email the night before the race and found a notice from the race director reminding everyone about the parking shortages, “please carpool” yada yada. I clicked on the “FAQs” link and read through some of the info. I discovered that USATAF amended their “NO IPOD” rule and that as long as I wasn’t competing for prize money, or in a championship, I COULD WEAR MY IPOD!!

I was stoked. The friend who I was slated to run with, bailed due to a pulled hamstring. Befor…

Manic Monday

Quick bullets on the week's events... more detail later.

Ran Shamrockn' Half Marathon yesterday. I PR'd on the same course by 17 MINUTES!!Official Time was 2:01

I PRd over the same distance by 10 MINUTES

Speed workout last week entailed a 2 mile run on the track. I did 2 miles in 16:02!!

I'll post mile splits and race report later this week. Suffice to say I'm feeling GREAT!

Step on: Case of the Happy Mondays

My struggle over working out reached its zenith last weekend. I did nothing but watch “HIGH SCHOOL REUNION” marathon and eat and sleep. I couldn’t get the energy to work out. No run. No bike. No swim. I knew something was seriously wrong so I pulled out my ol’ trusty, “Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training” and started reading.

Wow. So I figured out why I’ve been in a horrible funk the last couple of weeks.

The bad weekend really took a toll on my confidence. A real toll. Oh, I know, it probably was obvious to everyone reading, but not to me. I’m a little slow sometimes. For some, the lack of confidence comes from a single bad workout. I had 3 bad workouts in 1 weekend. No wonder I felt awful. Lack of confidence sucks away motivation. No motivation = no workout.

Basically, this happens to a lot of people (according to the book) after a bad training episode or a bad race. Like a lot of people, I started to question my abilities: to train, work full time, enjoy my life, be a good step-mom…