Step on: Case of the Happy Mondays

My struggle over working out reached its zenith last weekend. I did nothing but watch “HIGH SCHOOL REUNION” marathon and eat and sleep. I couldn’t get the energy to work out. No run. No bike. No swim. I knew something was seriously wrong so I pulled out my ol’ trusty, “Triathlete’s Guide to Mental Training” and started reading.

Wow. So I figured out why I’ve been in a horrible funk the last couple of weeks.

The bad weekend really took a toll on my confidence. A real toll. Oh, I know, it probably was obvious to everyone reading, but not to me. I’m a little slow sometimes. For some, the lack of confidence comes from a single bad workout. I had 3 bad workouts in 1 weekend. No wonder I felt awful. Lack of confidence sucks away motivation. No motivation = no workout.

Basically, this happens to a lot of people (according to the book) after a bad training episode or a bad race. Like a lot of people, I started to question my abilities: to train, work full time, enjoy my life, be a good step-mom and wife, and volunteer.

So I sat on my ass and ate. That is something I can do. Well.
I licked my wounds, and licked the frosting out of the Pillsbury frosting container.

The day I resolved to ride my bike again, my husband crashed badly on his. That scared me. A lot. He is still recovering.

Mental Training didn’t have an exact prescription for fixing the psychological catastrophe. I’m talking to some people in my tri group. The rain is back for the next 6 days so I can’t ride but I can run. I can swim. I can do 30-day shred and yoga DVDs.

Can I guarantee a workout tonight? No. But I can tomorrow—it’s my run group through Fleet Feet.


  1. I went back and read your past posts. I am SO SORRY you had such an awful week. Sometimes, when it rains it pours. I am also so sorry to hear about your husband but glad he is recovering well. My dad was in a bad bike accident 2 years ago. It is really scary.

    YOU CAN DO ALL THIS!!! Sometimes life gets the best of us. It is okay to be sad. That is the first step. Then you can slowly get back into it. You have had a lot of good training thus far - don't discount all that.

    Are you training for Shamrock with Fleet Feet right now?

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words! Yes I am done with my PITY PARTY. I am doing Shamrock'n but training with Chad's FIT group. You should try it out.. wednesday nights -- 6pm --500 University Avenue.


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