Poker Face

I lived through the bad week I wrote about here.

Not surprisingly, the stress of the week allowed a little "wee-beasty" to take refuge in my nose/sinus and caused a nasty little cold.

I let the fever cook for a few days and I finally felt better yesterday. I have not worked out at all for 1 week.

Tomorrow's run is a 14 miler. I'll be running to granite bay and back again. I don't know why, but running to another town sounds so, uhm, impressive.

Sunday is a ride with the Tri group along part of the Auburn Tri course.

Yesterday Hubby wrecked bad on his bike commuting to work. I had to leave work and take him to emergency. His helmet is cracked in 3 places, but i'm grateful that he is basically ok. Broken thumb, along with a hemotoma the size of a grapefruit on his leg. His bike is pretty beat up. Karma ran over his dogma. I have pics, but I'm not sure I should post them. They are really really gross. Really. If I get enough requests, I might do it though.

I decided against doing Vineman. I was really sad when i reached that conclusion, but finances being what they are, I have to consider the bigger picture and spending $400+ for a race, hotel, food, etc simply isn't going to happen this year.

I also opted out of Wildflower in order to do the practice Auburn Tri on April 25.
Focus is on Auburn Tri May 23 and Shamrockn' half marathon on two weeks.

Oh, and I decided to grow my hair out long again.


  1. Glad your hubby is OK!!!

    I crashed on my bike a couple yrs ago and could have been a good ad for wearing bike helmets. No fun to be injured but better than dead.

    Hope you and he are back to 100% soon!


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