Things that make you go "HMMMmmm"

This post will have quite a few bad words, explatives, and me pondering the ontological mystery that is "LIFE". This post may be considered a "bitchfest". Consider yourself warned.

The last few days have been a shitstorm of crap.
Last week went well. Did all my workouts--didn't even skip one. Was good on my paces for speed work. After what seemed like a million weekends of rainy weather, the NWS promised blue skies and sunny 70-degree weather--and it was a 3-day weekend! All should have been well.

But--oh, it was about to get bad.

I started saturday with a ride with my tri group. Ride was supposed to be 40-50 miles and cover the first 1/3 of the Auburn Triathlon course. Perfect. Just what I have been wanting to do.

I got to the starting point, unloaded the bike, got geared up and said the usual pleasantries to the other group members. All was awesome. Perhaps bulleted points might be the best way to describe the events of the next hour.

  • Realized that although I loaded myself up with tons of food, i forgot a second water bottle.
  • realized that the 40 mile group wouldn't be stopping for water.
  • Got ditched by the 40 mile group when I was stopped at a turn signal and nobody realized it but me.
  • Decided to make the best of the situation and go through Rolling hills with the group going 20 miles. Considered doing two-20 mile loops.
  • Realized I didn't have water for two-20 mile loops either.
  • Realized that the 20 mile loop was really only 16 miles.
  • Realized that although I can climb ok, my descents suck.
  • Got home and tried to whine to my husband.
  • He told me to 'man up' and that it was my own fault for getting ditched. As if I wasn't already feeling bad enough.
  • Yelled at my husband in front of everyone on my street.
  • He yelled back (as he was leaving for his bike ride), "get cancer and die."
  • I cried.

    Oh, this was just Saturday. There are two more days in the long weekend.

  • Sunday's 12 mile run went really well. 1:53 for 12 miles.
  • because my legs were so toasted from the long run, I decided to put off my swimming time trial until monday.
  • I drank a lot mostly because RR#2 was working my last nerve with her, Oh my god it's valentines day and i didn't get to see my boyfriend crap. Then she cried for 2 hours, then she yelled at us for ruining her life. Great. Pass the Boeger Barbera please. I spent sunday evening drinking margaritas and red wine. A lot of red wine.

    Monday started out really promising. I slept in and then decided to hit the pool for my timetrial. 1000 yards as fast as I can.
  • Got to the pool at noon. 4 people per lane. No joke. And not 4 graceful, people. 4 writhing and twisting and running in place and trying to learn how to swim people.
  • I watched everyone and carefully chose a lane that had 2 men it it who were going slow, but doing continuous freestyle laps. That's the ticket!
  • Got punched in the head, face, and leg by the bozos.
  • Switched lanes and commented to the guy that I needed to change lanes before I ended up like Robin Tyson.
  • Guy yelled at the two guys in my prior lane and almost started a fight.
  • Finally gave up on trying to swim after two elderly ladies entered my lane and started standing at the shallow end and talking. Not swimming, not blowing bubbles. Just blocking the end of the lane and chatting about their grandkids.
  • Got home and showered only to realize I promised hubby that I would go mtn. biking with him.
  • "OK" I said, "But it has to be an easy pace and only a couple of miles."
  • 3 miles and two big hills later I asked to turn around. He yelled at me, calling me all sorts of names and saying it was embarrasing that I was always last in my age group.
  • I walked my bike back to the car, because according to idiot, I shouldn't have a mountain bike anyway.
  • Impaled the back of my right calf on the front gear ring.
  • Calf looks infected now.

  • Fought more with hubby via email, phone, and text message.
  • Started to really question my sanity over doing the Auburn Triathlon. What the hell am I doing? Why? What am I doing here? I'll never finish. I won't even make the swim cutoff.
  • Got into an argument with my mom over my lack of attention to her because of my training.

  • Continued to question my training committment.
  • Realized that the ONE day of the year that the Auburn Tri Course is OPEN for PRACTICE is the same day as the Wildflower Century.
  • When I registered for wildflower I paid registration ($55) + bought jersey ($75) + bought "SPECIAL CENTURY FINISHERS JERSEY" ($75).
  • Still questioning what I should do. Then I got this email.

    Hi Karen,
    This email is to inform you that you have been accepted off the waitlist for the 2010 Vineman Ironman 70.3. Please read the instructions below and then follow the link to sign up for the race.

    You will have 7 days to complete your registration process. After that date you will no longer be considered for the event and your name removed from the waitlist acceptance list.

    Once on the registration page you will need to select your name from the drop down box. Then you will need to put in your password.

FK me. Really?


  1. What a crappy week! I hope that this week is starting off on a better foot!

  2. Sorry you had such a bad week. At least your run time was super dee dupor! Hope the calf heals up! I know you can do Auburn. Have faith in yourself, okay?


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