Friday Five Ten

Friday Five Ten

  • Decided to forgo the Super Bowl run in order to ride 60 miles on my bike. Sunday was the only sunny day available to ride in more than a week so I had to RIDE. Running was optional so I blew off the race. Not a good start to the 2010 race season but the weather has been so bad, I have to take the riding days when I can.

  • Apparently I was moved from the “A group” (aka slowest) to the “B Group” in my FIT training weeks ago. I just never got the email from my trainer. I was feeling really good about “blowing away” the 76 year old man and the 55 year old woman in the A group during our intervals. B group is full of 30-something women who are ass kickers in their age group. The kind of women who yell, “Go Girl GO!” as they pass you sprinting around the track. Now, I’m scared.

  • I watched “The Soloist” last night on HBO and it made me cry. Such a good story, but also so very very sad. I tried hard to hold back the tears but it was no use. Then hubby came into the bedroom with his eyes red and teary. He was watching the same thing in another room. I don’t know what’s sadder—the movie OR the fact that we were isolated in our own house experiencing the same emotional turmoil.

  • Work is crazy. Really Crazy. People are cranky and upset all the time. I smile at everyone while I walk down the hallway for my 50th pee break of the day. I’m sure co-workers think I’m high. I don’t’ care though, cause my new-ish boss thinks I’m doing “Excellent” work. Not bad for being in the fiscal field and never even taking one econ, accounting, budgeting or business course in my whole life. Not bad at all.

  • I’m reading “THRIVE” by Brendan Brazier. Good info, but not sure that I buy everything he’s selling. Yes fruits, veggies, etc are good for all of us. But eating them a lot will send me to the bathroom a lot. And there is no way I’m eliminating coffee from my diet. No. Way. NO WAY! Step away from my coffee mug and nobody gets hurt.

  • The “pool drain walker” was doing his thing on Wednesday morning at the 24 hour fitness pool again. It was creepy.

  • This weekend is a three-day-er so I hope I find time to ride my mountain bike. Hubby insists.

  • I’ve decided I don’t like swim fartlek intervals. Yes I’m sure.

  • I rode an “easy” 1:30 yesterday on my road bike. At a certain point I had to wait for a light to change before I could continue across a crazy busy road. A car pulled up behind me but waited so far back that her car wouldn’t trigger the light. I motioned for her to move forward (I was basically waiting in the crosswalk). The twit was so busy talking on her CELL PHONE that she either (a) didn’t see me motioning to her or (b) thought I was a looney waving at her. In any case, I decided to wait for her to figure out that the light wasn’t changing –then she would figure out to move her car forward ON HER OWN. I waited through 4 light changes while the twit talked and laughed on her fkn CELL PHONE and cars behind her were honking at her. Then when she finally did trigger the light she had the nerve to BUZZ me in her massive SUV, talking on the CELL PHONE, while I was in the bike lane!!! Again TWIT!!! GRRR!

  • After she buzzed me, I flipped-off the lady (above). It made me feel better.


  1. I liked THRIVE too but I agree - no way in hell I'm going to give up my coffee :)

    I like your kill-with-kindness plan for work! Sometimes you just have to grin and bear it.

  2. I probably would have canned the race too if it were nice enough to ride outdoors!


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