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Guest Post at I am moms

I just did a guest post at I Am Moms. Jasmine posts regularly on issues of indo-americans (Desis), motherhood and the juggling act necessary to a successful mom and wife --all seen through the lens of a second generation Indo-American. I contributed a guest post on How my Desi family planted the Seeds of Triathlon..

Check it out!

WTF is going on around here???

How can someone with no discernible ass have a broken butt???

I thought things were getting better after my 6 mile run. I thought I was smart to skip shamrockn and do an easy six miles on my own.

The next day I noticed a pain upon sitting at my chair at work. I emailed Dr. B Medicine Woman, "I am having some pain in my butt when I sit. Not even real pain, just feels like a bruise." I honestly thought she might say, "Oh this is a good thing!!! That means you are healing!!"

Yeah, not so much.

She wrote back, "Sounds like proximal hamstring tendinosis. You need to nip this in the bud very quickly before it gets out of hand."

Wait, what?

Then, "With all the icing you are doing you might want to consider taking a break from running for awhile." What's a "awhile".. "A few months!"

Wait, what the hell is going on? Only a few weeks ago I was doing great. Now, after ONE STUPID FALL, I NEED TO TAKE MORE TIME OFF THAN FOR A STRESS F…

No Run Mama: the tale (tail) of the broken butt

Weekend contained both heartbreak and side-splitting laughter. I had every intention of racing Shamrockn' half marathon this weekend and planned my days accordingly.

Guzzled water like it was going out of style all week. I was drinking nearly 70 oz of water a day, which although it doesn't sound like much more than the 8 8 oz glasses recommended was a lot for me. Did a second test run of 4 miles on friday and the hip.felt.fine. Went to bed early on friday night but tossed and turned because a dog on the next block was barking. All. Fkng. NIGHT. At 3 a.m. it was still barking. For a sample of what I heard all night, click here.

Saturday continued on my waterfest while I took RugRat #1 to the crackhousefleet feet and bought her some brand new running shoes. About a month ago, she suddenly announced that she wanted to run a 5k. I asked her, "Are you sure???" she was emphatic in her reply, "YES!" so I signed her up for the Run Rocklin 5k. It was after…

Now What?

In 3 days I am supposed to run the Shamrockn' Half Marathon in Sacramento. I have been battling hip problems for nearly 2 weeks and had a run haitus for 10 days. My 3 mile run yesterday went very well. No pain, just a little stiffness this morning.

Now as I sit here, I am feeling a twinge of pain in the hip. Shit.

Should I run Shamrockn anyway? I don't know. I anticipated a nice little PR but now, that idea is out of the question I am sure. Maybe I should just skip the race and enjoy sleeping in instead?? Firm decision-making is not my forte obviously.

Last year, Shamrockn did not go well for me at all. I just didn't feel well and later that day realized I was coming down with the flu. Am I slated for another lackluster performance? Should I just dress up as a crazy leprechaun and enjoy myself and not worry about a PR?
No I wouldn't really wear this.. The wand is too heavy to carry...

I suppose I will just decide saturday night or sunday morning how I feel and plan m…

The more things change...well, you know.

Ok I suck ass lately as a blogger. I haven't been writing, but truly it was for a great reason. I was running my ass into the ground. For the month of January I ran 97 miles. In February I ran 116 miles! Between all the running and work and rugrats things have been super hectic.

I decided to be as boringly consistent as possible in my running and to quit questioning my coach and just do as he says.

Coach: Run 12 miles today.
Me: YESSIR! At what pace?

Coach: Run easy 6 miles today.
Me: OK! I'll go slow.

Everything was going great with my training. Until

dun dun dun!
I tripped and fell while running on some single track a couple of weeks ago. I didn't exactly FALL.. I sort of caught myself in mid-trip (which was slow motion in my mind) and was so happy that I didn't fall right on my face in mud that I gave a little happy dance for joy. I didn't think anything about it until

dun dun dun!
I went for a 14 mile run the next morning. Nothing hurt as I was running. After 3 mil…