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Trail Shoes Galore: A review of the Asics Trabuco and the Asics 2140 Trail edition

A little background: I LOVE running shoes. Some women may have a closet full of Jimmy Choos or maybe some Cole Haans. Not me. I have at least 20 pairs of running shoes. Everything from Nikes, New Balance, and Asics to Saucony and even some Brooks. For a short time I even had a pair of Mizuno trail shoes, but last year when I signed up for the Blood, Sweat, and Beers Run and began doing trail running in earnest, I headed over to the crack housefleet feet and looked at two pairs—the Asics 2140 and the Asics Trabuco.

Asics 2140 Trail Edition: Built on the same foot last as the standard Asics 2140, the trail edition has some modifications to it that make it an excellent choice for light trail running. It has a tighter weave to the mesh than the standard 2140—this of course disallows rocks, dirt, debris from getting into the shoe so easily. This isn’t to say that stuff DOESN’T get into the shoe Many times I emptied my shoes on the trail, but in comparison with a regular running shoe, the is…

The "killer" and other monstrosities--Good News & Bad News Edition

Bad News: PT confirmed course of action given by MD sports doc--3-6 months off to allow hip and knee to heal fully.

Good News: PT took one look at my face and said, "But I can tell you won't do it for awhile and I don't blame you. I'm the same way. Let's try to get your hip strengthened in the meantime"

Bad News: Wednesday night speed workout was really a monsterous "killer" hill workout. 6X400 straight up a hill while dodging cars in 90 degree heat.

Good News: I completed the run, that honestly I thought was very unlikely at the outset of the workout.

Bad News: I am falling behind on my training plan for my next Half Ironman in September.

Good News: Everyone I know is also falling behind in their training plan. Ok this isn't necessarily good news--but it is good to know that i'm not the only one.

Bad News: I've missed all the thursday trail running races. Boo!

Good News: I get to trail run on Sunday in Auburn with Tim T. and Mo B.!

Bad News: I…

Run like the wind to be free again

Sunday's RUN ROCKED! I had such a good time.

Got to the start point at Cavitt Middle School around 7:15 for the 7:30 start. It was amazing how many people I saw there that I remembered from last year. I talked to "big D" from Trailmomma's blog. She is a wonderfully sweet lady who (last year) always yelled encouraging words to me as she sprinted past.

I also spoke with a few others who I knew from trail running last year, along with a couple of my wednesday track workout comrades that are also doing trail running.

After a quick peptalk by Mo Bartley and Tim Tweitmeyer, we were off for a 5 mile jaunt through trees, over hills and next to folsom lake. The view from the trail was breathtaking! I took a couple of pictures but they really didn't turn out well.

I got a lot of, "You go girl" from Mo which made me laugh as I was leaned over at a 45 degree angle trying to power walk up a steep hill. Mo is awesome.

I managed 1:04 total time for a 5 mile run. I believe…

Tommorow is another day

I approached todays ride witha bit of trepedation due to it being the first ride since the auburn tri three weeks ago. Gusty winds and 90+ degree weather further raised my anxiety. I took off with a friend and I am SO GLAD THAT I RODE MY BIKE!

I only managed a short 18 miles but I was so happy to get on my bike and ride in the sunshine. Riding buddy and I stopped at Folsom Bike and had a cool beverage. As we sat and chatted about riding bras, cycling computers, and our garmins. It was just so great to get out even for just an hour or so.

Tomorrow I start my long runs with the trail running class, coached by Uber Studs Tim Tweitmeyer and Mo Bartley. Tomorrow's run is just 5 miles but considering my lungs I think it will be a great run for me.

Run details on monday recap!

Tuesday Twenty-ish

I could get used to not doing anything ever. Since my illness, I’ve allowed myself to indulge in food and drink –drink is usually wine, but the 85+ degree weather the past few days truly creates a need for margaritas. Ice cold margaritas. I thought about trying the “Skinny Girl” margarita (no margarita mix, just soda water and the juice of 2 limes—only 100 calories) but honestly, that just doesn’t sound good. I’ve become a glutton. How do I know? I had a body fat test.
Percent bodyfat I was in high school (caliper test) –18 %
Percent body fat I thought I was – 24%
Percent bodyfat the electrical impedence machine measured me on June 6 –29.5%
Current BMI –25
Height – 5’2”
Weight – 112
That makes me approx 33 lbs of fat.
Husband’s response to my newly elevated percent bodyfat: “Stop eating so much crap.” Uh, no shit Sherlock. Obviously, dietary changes are not my forte.
Took RugRat#2 to see Bodies Revealed. She insisted on going and had been begging me to take her.
RR#2 fainted within 4 minutes…

Good Times at Diva Night-- Friday Five

Pic shows the fun I had a Diva night a few weeks ago. Even though they plied me with LOTS of red wine, I did NOT BUY ANYTHING at Diva Night. That's a first. I usually plunk down a good $200 on necessities (isn't everything a necessity when you are a little toasted?) like Hammer Gel and 4 pairs of biking shorts.

I had a DNF (or was it a DNS?) for my wednesday night run group.Obviously this illness is taking longer to shake than I anticipated.I dragged my carcass through the 2 mile warm up, did one slow (12+ min/mile) track lap and then walked back to my car. I didn't even get to the actual "workout" this week. My lungs are still pretty congested so I am taking time off until next Monday or Tuesday and I'll re-assess then.

Three people are pressuring me to try for an IM in 2011--IM Arizona to be exact. My dream is IM St. George (because I've always wanted to visit Utah's Arches National Park) but I don't know if I am ready to undergo the rigours of…