Run like the wind to be free again

Sunday's RUN ROCKED! I had such a good time.

Got to the start point at Cavitt Middle School around 7:15 for the 7:30 start. It was amazing how many people I saw there that I remembered from last year. I talked to "big D" from Trailmomma's blog. She is a wonderfully sweet lady who (last year) always yelled encouraging words to me as she sprinted past.

I also spoke with a few others who I knew from trail running last year, along with a couple of my wednesday track workout comrades that are also doing trail running.

After a quick peptalk by Mo Bartley and Tim Tweitmeyer, we were off for a 5 mile jaunt through trees, over hills and next to folsom lake. The view from the trail was breathtaking! I took a couple of pictures but they really didn't turn out well.

I got a lot of, "You go girl" from Mo which made me laugh as I was leaned over at a 45 degree angle trying to power walk up a steep hill. Mo is awesome.

I managed 1:04 total time for a 5 mile run. I believe actually running time was about 55 minutes. Today my glutes, hammies and quads have that nice, post run ache --not pain-- but I know I worked out yesterday!
Tomorrow is run and bike and wednesday I will hit the pool again and try to get some yardage before work. EEkkk. The 4:20 a.m. swims commence!


  1. So jealous!! I really wanted to join that group but the timing just didn't work out this year.

    Have fun!


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