The "killer" and other monstrosities--Good News & Bad News Edition

  • Bad News: PT confirmed course of action given by MD sports doc--3-6 months off to allow hip and knee to heal fully.

  • Good News: PT took one look at my face and said, "But I can tell you won't do it for awhile and I don't blame you. I'm the same way. Let's try to get your hip strengthened in the meantime"

  • Bad News: Wednesday night speed workout was really a monsterous "killer" hill workout. 6X400 straight up a hill while dodging cars in 90 degree heat.

  • Good News: I completed the run, that honestly I thought was very unlikely at the outset of the workout.

  • Bad News: I am falling behind on my training plan for my next Half Ironman in September.

  • Good News: Everyone I know is also falling behind in their training plan. Ok this isn't necessarily good news--but it is good to know that i'm not the only one.

  • Bad News: I've missed all the thursday trail running races. Boo!

  • Good News: I get to trail run on Sunday in Auburn with Tim T. and Mo B.!

  • Bad News: I have so many things going on in life, yet I can't think of a lot to post on my blog.

  • Good News: I don't get paid for blogging.

Next Up: Review of Asics Trabuco and Asics 2140 Trail shoes.


  1. What 1/2 IM are you looking at in September?

  2. Hi Kristen--it is the TBF HIT III. Go to and you'll find it.

  3. i like those bits of good news.....thanks for sharing those vibes...seems like alot of us are just "getting through it" right now...


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